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George R. R. Martin tweets he's visiting his publisher in New York



Game of Thrones Season 7 is currently on air, and four episodes in. The show has passed the storyline of the books, now, and we’re in uncharted waters, as the story proceeds without us knowing what’s about to happen. George R. R. Martin, the creator of the Game of Thrones universe, is currently writing the next book in the series, titled The Winds of Winter. The book had been previously set for a 2017 release, albeit with an uncertainty hovering over it, as George himself had said. However, he recently said that he won’t be able to finish it in time for a release in 2017. Now, in a new update, George is on a visit to his publisher in New York. Read on!

George recently took to Twitter to announce that he was in New York. Check the tweet, below :

— George RR Martin (@GRRMspeaking) August 4, 2017

As we had reported, George recently announced that he will be releasing two new books, based on the history of the Targaryen kings, in two volumes, and one or both of them might come out before The Winds of Winter. There is no telling whether this publisher meet is to discuss these two books, or because we are getting closer to a release date for The Winds of Winter. Hopefully it’s the latter.

What do you think? Will we get The Winds of Winter in the first half of 2018, at least? Or do you think George is going to keep us waiting even more? Talk to us in the comments, below!

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