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George R.R. Martin explains the formation of Triarchy in a new clip by HBO



George R. R. Martin

House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, had an incredible first season, with some even stating it was better than the original show’s first season. The struggle with the Triarchy of the free cities was one of the major plot points in the first season. George R. R. Martin recently explained in detail how the unusual alliance came into being.

How the Triarchy came into existence

In a recent video clip released by the House of the Dragon’s official Instagram, Martin explains, “Immediately, to the east of the Stepstones, there is an area called the Disputed Lands. 3 of the Free Cities are located there: Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh. And these cities have been rivals for a really long time. They’re all old Valyrian colonies. And they’ve been disputing about the Disputed Lands for hundreds of years.”

“But at this particular point in history, the three cities have gotten together. They’ve decided: “We’re gonna stop fighting each other endlessly, and we are gonna form a government together called the Triarchy”. Corlys, you know being dependent on the sea, is not happy with this.” 

Steve Toussaint is currently filming in Wales

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We recently learned that a House of the Dragon crew was filming along the seashore in Penmon. On a boat with the film team, one actor was observed sporting a white wig and silvery white armour. A few local residents later uploaded a number of more photos confirming that it was Steve Toussaint dressed as Corlys Velryon and wearing the Velaryon armour.

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