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George R. R. Martin announces yet another book that isn’t The Winds of Winter



The most recent book in the Game of Thrones series was published in 2011, which is nearly 13 years ago. Many of George R. R. Martin’s fans are getting frustrated with him since it’s taking him too long to finish, even with his sporadic updates.

However, besides The Winds of Winter, Martin is also working on other projects, and his most recent book might not make a lot of A Song of Ice and Fire fans happy.

George R. R. Martin announces new Wild Cards novel Sleeper Straddle

Wild Cards is one of the most famous graphic novels of George R. R. Martin, and he has regularly gifted fans with the next installments. The upcoming Wild Cards book, titled Sleeper Straddle, introduces a new superhero who wakes up with a superpower every day.

Martin announced on his blog, Not A Blog:

“SLEEPER STRADDLE is the title. And yes, as our long-time readers will no doubt guess, this one features a character who has been around since the first Wild Cards Day (September 15, 1946 — the day Howard Waldrop was born): the Sleeper, created by the late great Roger Zelazny.

In poker, a sleeper straddle is a blind raise, made from a position other than the player “under the gun.” Sleepers are often considered illegal out-of-turn play and are commonly disallowed. In Wild Cards, the Sleeper is Croyd Crenson, who was a high school freshman on his way home from school when the virus was released over Manhattan.

From that day on, Croyd has been continuously reinfected by the virus whenever he sleeps, his body reshaping itself into a myriad of new shapes and forms. Each time he wakes, he is changed. Sometimes he wakes as an ace, with astonishing new superpowers, different every time. Other times he wakes as a joker, malformed and hideous.”

The entire lineup of George R. R. Martin’s upcoming Wild Cards novels

Martin has already kept a bunch of titles ready in The Wild Cards series. The upcoming books in The Wild Cards graphic novel series are:

“Days Go By,” by Carrie Vaughn,
“The Hit Parade,” by Cherie Priest ,
“Yin-Yang Split,” from William F. Wu,
“Semiotics of the Strong Man,” by Walter Jon Williams,
“Party Like It’s 1999,” from Stephen Leigh,
“The Bloody Eagle,” by Mary Anne Mohanraj,
“The Boy Who Would Be Croyd,” from Max Gladstone.

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Martin also clarified that the stories will be tied together by “Swimmer, Flier, Felon, Spy” from Christopher Rowe, featuring his enigmatic investigator Tesla.

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