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George R.R. Martin explains the formation of Triarchy in a new House of the Dragon video



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George R. R. Martin is one of today’s most well-known authors. His writings have a distinct flavor since he combines aspects of the actual world with imagination. One of the most interesting subjects he writes about is the political conflict between several lands. The Triarchy is a recurring antagonistic faction in House of the Dragon, and Martin recently explained how they came to be.

George R. R. Martin narrates the story of the Disputed Lands

In a recent video shared by the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel, Martin recalls, “Immediate to the east of Essos is the area called the Disputed Lands. Three of the Free Cities are located on or near that: Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh. And these cities have been rivals for a really long time. They’re all Old Valyrian colonies. And they’ve been Disputing the Disputed Lands for hundreds of years, often using mercenary companies, the Free Companies, and the sellswords.”

Go to the Map With George R.R. Martin | House of the Dragon (HBO)

The formation of the Triarchy

Martin further explains, “But at this particular point in history, the three cities have gotten together. They’ve decided, ” We’re gonna stop fighting each other endlessly, and we are gonna form a government together called the Triarchy.”

“Corlys, you know, being dependent on the sea, is not happy with this. And there are other people near the side of the Narrow Sea in places like Pentos and Braavos that are not happy with this. “We have to break the stranglehold on the Stepstones so our ships can go east again”, they say.”

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