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Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn thanks key workers for their service during Coronavirus pandemic



All of us are aware that these are difficult times, such as we have never known in our lives. The coronavirus crisis is a threat to humanity, a bit similar to the danger of White Walkers in Game of Thrones. And much like the show, the people in power and in the community have tried to gather all available forces to ward off COVID-19. But our health workers have been frontline soldiers everywhere. It’s their duty, yes! But they’re playing their part with utmost sincerity to protect us from this illness while putting their own lives on the line. Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn (Bronn) has shared a video message to thank key workers of the Pembrokeshire county and across mid and west Wales, who are working each day to save the lives of fellow citizens.

Jerome’s message appeared on the Facebook page of the Hywel Dda Health Board. “Hello, I am Jerome Flynn. I am wanting to send you, all the key workers in Pembrokeshire and across mid and west Wales a short message,” began Jerome. He continued, “It’s hard to express the amount of gratitude myself and all of the community here in Pembrokeshire are feeling for the work you’re doing. It’s hard for us to fully connect with the experiences you are having each day. But we’re getting blasts of them, and I have friends who do work in that sector, so I’m getting some understanding of the sort of days you’re walking into.”

The actor drew a parallel to his own character in Game of Thrones for his current situation. Bronn worked his way up from being a cutthroat to one of the chief knights in Westeros. But owing to his cunning, selfish nature, he did not participate in the great war against the Night King and his army of the dead.

“I feel in a way a little bit like how my character in Game of Thrones felt; when everybody went off to fight the White Walkers and I just hung around, being lazy in King’s Landing. As an actor, I really wanted to be there in the action with everybody, you know, kind of saving the world. And in truth, right now, it certainly feels like you’re playing that role for all of us. And I can’t honestly say that I want to be there with you, because it feels so intense,” he said.

The loss of lives in this battle has been immense for real. Something that many a time, could be demoralizing for the health workers. But Jerome tried to see the positive side of their work.

“I imagine it could be easy to judge yourself, as perhaps at the end of the day, not having succeeded, if another life is lost. But from where we’re standing and from where I’m standing, I wanted to let you know that you succeed every day. Your success is full every day; just turning up and being present for each individual soul, for letting them know that their lives are significant…Especially at a time when their loved ones can’t be present for them…That’s the success for me.

That’s where the true value of your work is being felt. Because otherwise, it’s clear you’re doing everything you can to save their lives. But it’s your presence there with them, that I really, really value; and your courage to go in every day is deeply touching. So, thank you everyone, and keep up the amazing work. It’s so appreciated. God bless you, bye.”

Jerome also shared a message for the workers at the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust recently. They are serving people in South-Eastern England across Kent, East Sussex, and London. He termed the service of health workers as “extraordinary days of your lives, something that you would never forget.” Kent is Jerome’s home county and apparently, his parents, mother, and step-father live there; both of whom are in the vulnerable age group. Jerome, thus, extended his thanks, “I am truly grateful to know that you guys are there, doing what you’re doing.”

Many of the other Game of Thrones actors have done their share to aid the health workers. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and her husband, Joe Jonas had donated meals to the staff of a Los Angeles hospital. Isaac Hempstead Wright’s (Bran Stark) step-father helped key workers by providing them PPEs.

We appreciate everyone’s contributions. Whatever they may be, they are building us into a coherent unit during these grim, isolating times.

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What are your thoughts? We hope you’re still practicing social distancing and washing your hands regularly. The virus is here to stay, and it’s important you don’t lower your guard anytime soon. Talk to us in the comments below.


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