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Game Of Thrones star Iain Glen is satisfied with Jorah Mormont’s character arc in Season 8



Jorah Mormont might be very loyal to his Khaleesi and we know that his love for her won’t be accounted even in the final season. The last we saw of him in Game of Thrones was when he was advising Daenerys plan her Winterfell expedition at her small council meeting. Where his character is headed next, would really be curious to watch. Yet, the actor Iain Glen seems pretty satisfied with his character arc.

Earlier this month, Iain had teased some “good stuff” coming for Jorah and Daenerys in the final season. He had also teased that there might be a major twist coming in the final season by saying,“You may be surprised by the obvious though.” Iain recently appeared in an interview with the Metro where he said that the ending of Game of Thrones may not please everyone. He revealed:

‘For viewers who have fallen in love with the show over the course of 70 plus hours, you get very strong affiliations and [are] possessive as an audience. I find that with things that transport me, you feel like it’s yours.’

‘Without really thinking it through too clearly, you do have aspirations; you’ve got desires for what or may not happen. The bottom line is I’m sure we’ll not please everyone across the board, but when we gathered for reading the scripts right at the beginning, there was a huge sense the writers had done a fantastic job, and a fantastic job for the series as a whole.’

‘It’s the same concoction which has always worked full of surprises and tension. For my money, it will satiate. My hunch is it will go down incredibly well because they’re brilliant scripts.’

Jorah Mormont was an exiled Knight who once worked with the Golden Company and later was summoned to spy on Daenerys. Later he swore his allegiance to her and now stands at a point where his loyalty can’t be judged. I expect the showrunners didn’t decide to bring him back to just kill him off the next season but with Game of Thrones, you never know what’s next in line? But, Iain feels satisfied with where his story arc in the next season. Talking about the same he said, ‘Absolutely. I was very, very satisfied.’

It’s a matter of fact that the next season of Game of Thrones will be the last and the series will finally end for once and all. It is quite shocking for us as fans and it’s hard to imagine this for the cast members. Just like Jacob Anderson – the actor who plays Grey Worm on the show, Iain too feels sad about this. He revealed:

‘It filtered through at different times really…During the course of shooting, there was some really, really mega moments where you though, “Fuck, this is the last time that’s going to happen, that’s the last time I’ll be acting with her, and that’s the last scene with that director.”

‘So there were lots of stepping stones and weirdly, you’ve finished. There was moving farewells and then you get a call about a week later saying, “Sorry we just need to, can you come back and sit in front of the green screen?” There was a fair amount of that for a lot of us.’

‘That helped with the sensation of letting go I suppose. There’s goodbye and goodbye – it doesn’t feel like a cold cut off point and it’s still very much in our lives. One would be naïve to think it won’t be for some time by association if nothing else.’

Iain ended by saying:

‘The one thing we won’t be doing anymore which I’ll miss profoundly is turning up on set and doing the work and reading the new scripts. I have mixed feelings.’

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