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Game of Thrones spin-off prequels won't be here till 2020, says HBO programming president



Game of Thrones has been the highlight of television for over 7 years now, and as we all know, Season 8 is currently filming. Now, we have been hearing about how the final season won’t bring the show back to our TVs before 2019, and that means we will be left without Game of Thrones for the entirety of 2018. However, there is one great thing, and that is that even though Game of Thrones is ending, we have spin-off prequel series to look forward to after the show is done. Five ideas are currently under development, and we now have an almost official update : the prequels won’t air till the year 2020. Read on!


HBO programming president Casey Bloys recently spoke at the The Television Critics Association press tour about Season 8 and the prequels, to THR, and gave a bit of an update. Speaking of the prequels, he said :

“There are five of them. If we do a pilot and series, nothing is going to air on HBO until at least a year after the final season. We’re not doing a final season and then, “Following it at 11 p.m. … .” I’ve seen some exciting material. We have really great writers working on these; it’s very exciting. But there’s no timetable. Not everybody is on the same schedule, so I’ve seen different versions of different things that are potentially exciting. But there’s no timetable about when a decision would be made about any of them.”

That makes perfect sense. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait for more than a year, though. Speaking of how many of the five ideas will actually be developed, he said :

“I’ll do anywhere from zero to five! (Laughs.) Though probably more likely one. But we’ll see.”


He also revealed that A Song of Fire and Ice story arc ends with Game of Thrones, and it won’t be revived or rebooted :

“That’s not happening. This story, A Song of Fire and Ice, is done. There’s no revival, reboot, spinoff talk.”

Finally he commented on the idea of spoilers, and fans finding out and knowing what will happen before it actually happens :

“It’s called a spoiler for a reason. If you read it, you’re going to miss out. I know how Game of Thrones ends and I’m still going to sit through it and think it’s the best ride ever. It comes from wanting the fans to have the best ride they can.”

What do you think about this interview? Excited for Season 8 and the prequels? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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