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Game of Thrones Season 8 set update : New pictures of the giant King’s Landing set



Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8, and we have been bringing you set updates as we hear of them. As you might know, the star attraction sets of this year is the giant set at Titanic Studios, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is to be the setting for King’s Landing. We now have some new pictures of the set. Read on!

The latest photos are thanks to Game of Thrones fan and Twitter [email protected]_red_priestess. Check out the original tweet, below :

I have some pictures for you!Pic 1 taken from a plane. The quality is low because of the window and distance. Pic 2 shows battlements on the sides of the archway. Pic 3 taken from the Titanic Museum.

Pic 4. In my opinion, this is the general layout of the set.#GameofThrones

— A Red Priestess (@a_red_priestess) January 3, 2018

There are four pictures attached to the tweet in total, three pictures of the set and one diagram showing the layout of the set. First up is a picture of the set from the top :

Then there’s a picture taken from the back of the set :

another from the side where the Titanic Museum stands :

The diagram by @a_red_priestess maps out the whole area as seen in the first picture:

We will be bringing you more updates as we hear of them, so stay tuned. Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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