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Game Of Thrones season 7 finale will give us the mother of all meetups



Game Of Thrones season 7 has almost reached it’s conclusion, with the penultimate episode airing last night and it was a shocking episode! We got to see the Night King killing Daenerys’ dragon, Viserion and then resurrecting him as a Wight! It will be interesting to see what happens in the next episode as the White Walkers now march towards the Wall with a Dragon on their side.

HBO has also released the preview for the season 7 finale and it has teased a huge meetup that will happen in King’s Landing. The preview ensures that it divulges as less information as possible, but it does give us a glimpse of all the key players arriving at King’s Landing to discuss an armistice and the venue for this grand conference is going to be the Dragonpit! This is the first time we are getting to see the Dragonpit in the show. As the name suggests, the Dragonpit was the building that used to house all the Targaryen Dragons and it’s located on Rhaenys’ hill in King’s Landing.

Now that almost all the characters that matter are going to come together for the big discussion, we can expect some fireworks as we are going to witness some epic reunions and will also get to see some important characters meeting each other for the first time in the series. The reunion that I am eagerly waiting for is also the most hyped reunion in the show and it features the Clegane brothers!

In the latest episode, we saw that the Hound was travelling with Jon Snow, and that means he will join Jon for the meeting at King’s Landing and we have also seen a small clip of the Hound at the Dragonpit, in one of the trailers for season 7.

We can see the Hound preparing to attack someone and I am pretty sure that the other person will be his brother, the Mountain but we have to see if there will be any actual fighting, as all the characters are meeting together to discuss an armistice and we might not get to see the two brothers fighting each other.

Other than that, we will also get to see Brienne meeting Jaime once again, Tyrion meeting Podick, Tyrion meeting Cersei, Jon meeting Jaime and the list of the reunions will just keep on going on. In addition to that, we will get to see Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen meeting Cersei Lannister for the first time. So it will be really interesting to see what happens during the episode. We know that Cersei won’t be sitting quietly and she might be secretly making plans to kill both of them.

However, the main highlight of the episode according to me will be the moment when Jon Snow displays the captured Wight and I want to see the reactions of the characters who used to consider the White Walkers as made-up stories.

Is there any reunion or meeting that you are eagerly waiting for? Let us know in the comments section.

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