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Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 review: “The Spoils of War”



August 8th, 8:08pm August 8th, 8:18pm Vanessa CateVanessa Cate is a writer and editor for Stage Raw and @THISSTAGE magazine. She is the founder and artistic director of True Focus Theater and fantasy performance group Cabaret le Fey. She is also a diehard geek and fantasy lover.

The Spoils of War” opens with some lovely character-driven moments. Slower paced than the previous episodes this season, it’s refreshing to be able to settle back into Winterfell, which feels like home to many viewers. There, we are treated with yet another Stark reunion (this season is full of them!). Arya is nearly turned away by two douchebag guards, but she seems pretty unruffled by their attempts to shoo her away. Arya has never been one to take other people’s guff, but now she has the skills of a deadly assassin to back up her moxie.

Sansa may have been telling everyone in Winterfell how to do their job last week, but clearly this does not extend to the guards. Rude and incompetent, they squabble over who will be the one to tell Lady Stark of her visitor, and Arya slips away.

I was afraid that Arya, seeing Winterfell so changed, had decided to leave and head to King’s Landing after all, robbing us of her homecoming. Luckily, this was not the case. Down to the crypts she goes, and that’s where Sansa finds her.

As excited as we are for this reunion, we are almost forgiven for forgetting the tension that has always been present between the two Stark sisters. Their personalities have always clashed. And when Sansa chose to side with Joffrey in episode 2 of the series – a choice that resulted in the death of the Direwolf Lady, as well as the butcher’s boy Arya had been sparring with – simple sibling irritation was exacerbated into something more serious. Not only was that conflict never resolved but, worse, Sansa stood next to Joffrey and Cersei as their father Ned was executed.

That (the end of season 1) was the last time the two sisters have seen each other. And so much has changed since then. Children then, women now, they have both undergone brutal had travelled across Westeros (and beyond in Arya’s case) and learned so much from so many mentors. They have also started to truly grow into the roles they always wanted as children: Sansa as a lady, and Arya as a fighter.

Perhaps an even more drastic transformation belongs to the third Stark sibling in residence. Bran has subverted his humanity almost entirely as he embraces the role of the Three-Eyed Raven. Sansa is clearly unsure how to handle his strange behavior, not to mention the fact that he sees visions. Despite Sansa’s disbelief, confirmation of both Bran and Arya’s new power is found when he references her list of names. Sansa perhaps realizes that even though she’s finally come into her own, her younger siblings may have left her in the dust.

Bran’s social graces have not improved much from last week. Meera Reed has lost her brother, faced White Walkers, and seen unspeakable things. Now she is a broken shell of a person. Barely holding back tears, she decides she needs to go home and be with her family as they await the impending army of the dead. Bran’s lack of care is taken as an affront – as well it should be considering how much Meera and her brother Jojen have given for him. But it drives the point home: Bran is no longer Bran. He’s the Three-Eyed Raven.

Is that why he withholds information from his sisters regarding Littlefinger? And, really, about everything that he knows? Because he doesn’t really care anymore, or is there a bigger picture that we don’t know about yet?

Still, Bran can’t help but respond to Littlefinger’s attempts to woo him with his greasy charm by quoting Baelish’s motto right to him. “Chaos is a ladder”. This sentence, the thesis statement of Littlefinger’s character, does not go unnoticed. This is one of the few times in the entire show that we see Petyr at a loss, maybe even a bit startled. The dramatic irony of the situation, and watching Bran cooly outmanoeuvre Littlefinger, is just too delicious.

This isn’t the only time that Petyr Baelish is surprised. In the best scene of the episode, Arya finally approaches Brienne. It would have been enough to know and enjoy that Brienne’s oath to return the Stark girls safely to their home was fulfilled, even if it was in a roundabout manner.  But Arya remembers Brienne’s fight with the Hound, and beating Sandor Clegane in single combat is no small feat. Arya uses this opportunity to test her own skills against Brienne. As their gorgeously choreographed fight unfolds, it appears that the two are pretty evenly matched. The joy of both these badass warrior characters truly in their element is wonderful to behold. Who else can understand what it’s like to be a female fighter subverting gender roles and kicking ass? There is a moment of understanding and respect.

Sansa sees now that Arya has become something she cannot even fathom. And it is not lost on Littlefinger that the Valyrian Steel dagger he gifted Bran earlier in the episode is now in the hands of the small assassin.

What might Littlefinger’s next move be as he sees his tricks don’t work on any of the Starks any longer? What will he do now that it’s become clear he’s alone in the North and surrounded by players that have levelled up well beyond him?

Along with the Winterfell scenes, this episode also gave us a chance to breathe a bit over at Dragonstone. Daenerys and Jon have tangible chemistry as he leads her into a cave of dragonglass. This is a very nice gesture – to show her a great natural wonder before it is mined out of existence. (We should also pause to remember what happened the last time he was in a cave with a girl…)

Dany and Jon let their guards down briefly as they share in the awe of witnessing something ancient together. Cave drawings from the Children and the First Men make the current wars seem petty and minuscule. For this moment, they are just two people together in a cave. Two incredibly attractive people around the same age. Nevermind the fact that they are related. They don’t know that. And there is definitely chemistry from both ends.

As for the idea of shipping a possible romance between Jon and Daenerys – Game of Thrones has done a lot to normalize the very taboo subject of incest. Brother and sister couple Jaime and Cersei have been sleeping together since the beginning. Even though that served as a way to introduce them as sinners and villains right off the bat, over the course of the show they have been largely humanized, especially Jaime. We also know that Targaryens have historically always inbred, and that is how they maintain they silver hair, otherworldly aura, and connection with dragons. It’s hard to guess how Dany and Jon might feel once his Targaryen blood is finally revealed. But for now, both characters, despite having lost the love of their lives, and despite being focused on their personal goals, are really developing a sincere connection. A connection that may bring out the best in both of them.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Daenerys still demands Jon bend the knee. Her argument sounds eerily similar to the words Jon used when trying to convince Mance Rayder to bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon in Season 5. Will that entice him to comply?

The two do seem to be making progress with each other, but the Casterly Rock / Highgarden news does not sit well with Daenerys, and she lets Tyrion have it. Targaryen temper isn’t the most attractive quality, so it’s unclear how Jon might respond to her anger long-term. To Dany’s credit, she does ask Jon for advice. His answer is some pretty good Stark-esque fare. She listens to him, but only half way. Fine, maybe she won’t attack King’s Landing with the dragons, but she’s tired of holding back. As the late Lady Olenna said, “Be a dragon!


“The Spoils of War” culminated in an epic battle of Fire and Blood. At last! Daenerys may have spent the beginning part of this season suffering blow after blow to her eclectic forces, but now enough is enough.

Lucky for us: we get to see an amazing battle. Unlucky for the Lannisters.

The Lannister army DID successfully deliver the gold they looted from Highgarden to King’s Landing, so Queen Cersei and the Crown have successfully and fully repaid their debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos. Still, it was of no small import that Dany and Drogon ignited the wagons of grain, along with a bulk of the Lannister and Tarly forces on the field.

We have been waiting for this whole series to see Dothraki fight on an open field. Finally, the show has delivered. And it was glorious. The Blood Riders would have been terrifying enough by themselves, but when coupled with a full-grown dragon, it was less a battle than an outright slaughter.

Game of Thrones is known for its epic battle sequences. And we have been talking about dragons since they were hatchlings. But the reality of draconic warfare is something else entirely. The true carnage that ensued from a dragon’s fiery breath and a Dothraki hoard was something that no one could truly prepare for. It was similar to finally seeing the White Walkers in full swing in Season 5’s “Hardhome”. How can any human imagine the magnitude of it until having seen it with one’s own eyes?

Jaime watches in horror as the army around him is quickly overwhelmed and burned to ashes. Rickon Dickon Tarly saves Jaime from a Dothraki warrior, but it is Bronn who steps up as MVP of the battle. I thought he was a goner as he fled through the disorienting, flaming battlefield. If it weren’t for the Scorpion bolt, Bronn might have died, either by Dothraki screamer or by dragon fire.

Not since season 2’s Battle of Blackwater has a battle been so confusing to our loyalties. At this point, Jamie and Bronn are fighting Daenerys and Tyrion. We don’t necessarily want anyone to die. But someone probably has to soon.

That’s why the moment that Jaime charges Daenerys was so breath-taking. Not only was this the first time these two main characters have ever seen each other, but either one of them might be experiencing their last moments of life.

Despite Drogon’s shaft to the shoulder and Jaime’s narrow escape from the flames though, no main characters were lost. It is true though that Jaime’s armor is quickly pulling him down to the bottom of the lake, and that without outside help the one-handed Lannister will not be long for this world.

It’s unlikely though that this is the end for Jaime. It would make more sense for either Bronn or Daenerys to rescue him. Bronn, because he wants his castle. Daenerys, because what a win it would be to take Jaime Lannister prisoner.

Either way, and while it’s very clear that Daenerys won this battle, it’s unclear how Tyrion will respond to everything that went down. It’s all very well and good to say that you’re loyal to the Dragon Queen, and that you will oppose your family, but seeing your brother nearly burnt to a crisp is another matter entirely. Plus, Tyrion may not react too positively to the liberal use of dragon fire and what he no doubt considers unnecessary bloodshed.

Overall, this was the strongest episode of the season yet. The Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens each made headway in their own right. And separate threads of the story have been woven more and more into a gorgeous tapestry.


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Turns out The Simpsons predicted the fate of King's Landing two years ago




Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5, “The Bells” embraced a big character arc for one of its biggest characters. Daenerys Targaryen became the Mad Queen, and unleashed fury on Cersei Lannister and her capital, King’s Landing. It turns out that The Simpsons actually predicted it a while ago. Read on.

In “The Bells” we saw Daenerys spare no mercy for the arguably morally dirty city of King’s Landing. Even after the city surrendered, and the bells were rung, Daenerys went on a rampage to burn them all. Turns out, the loved animated sitcom, which is also famous for predicting just all kinds of events, also predicted the fate of King’s Landing, back in 2017.

In the first episode of The Simpsons Season 29, which was titled The Serfsons, we saw The Simpsons set in an alternate reality that was pretty much a parody of Game of Thrones. There are White Walkers, magic necklaces, and of course, dragons. The trope is that in the end, we see the Simpsons look, as the dragon burns the city to the ground. Very much like Drogon razed King’s Landing to the ground.

Check out the clips in this video montage:

What do you guys think? Is there anything The Simpsons cannot predict? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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The teaser trailer to Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally here! As we reported earlier, the teaser trailer was supposed to drop within the next two weeks, and hence the prediction checks out. The full trailer might be here right before Christmas, but for the moment let’s enjoy the epicness of the teaser trailer launched by HBO Max earlier this week.

The teaser was released by HBO at the end of the HBO Max European launch event and it features a voiceover by Matt Smith who plays the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen. It broke the internet as soon as it was released, and fans are going crazy over the accuracy and detail shown in the teaser. It was watched by over 10 million viewers in less than three days of its launch!

It’s amazing how fans are so excited about the upcoming prequel, despite being divided over the controversial ending to Game of Thrones. Hopefully, House of The Dragon will live up to the hype, and fans will get to watch an amazing series that’ll be even better than the original one.

What do you think of the teaser trailer? Talk to us in the comments below!

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Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.


Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew were spotted in Aldershot, and locals are leaking out quite a few details about the set.

House Strong sigil #HouseOfTheDragon 🔥🐉

— rhaenyra (@RhaenyraDelight) September 30, 2021

In the most recent leaks from the set in Aldershot, fans have spotted a carriage bearing the sigil of House Strong. House Strong was already confirmed by HBO earlier last month when HBO released information about new additions to the cast, which included Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong played by Ryan Corr, Larys Strong played by Matthew Needham, and Lord Lyonel Strong played by Gavin Spokes.

Are you excited to see House Strong on House of The Dragon? Talk to us in the comments below!

You can also join our newly created Telegram group to talk about the show/books and interact with other fans.

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.


A few months ago, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a federal lawsuit against Marilyn Manson accusing him of rape and other acts of sexual violence. Marilyn Manson’s lawyers have denied all claims and said all the stories were forged by the actress. Recently, the court has denied the dismissal request put forward by Manson’s lawyers, meaning Bianco can move forward with the case.

Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha of the U.S. District Court of California denied Manson’s attempt to have Bianco’s claims dismissed based on the statute of limitations, court documents revealed Thursday. Manson has 14 days to respond to each of Bianco’s claims.


A reasonable jury could find that the effects of Warner’s alleged unconscionable acts, including the perceived threat to Plaintiff’s safety, immigration status, and career, persisted years after her last contact with Warner,” Aenlle-Rocha wrote in his court address.

Bianco first came forward on Feb. 10, as more than a dozen other women also made allegations against Manson. The lawsuit lays out Bianco’s allegations in similarly shocking detail. She alleges that Manson — whose legal name is Brian Warner — raped her in May 2011. Bianco also alleges that he repeatedly used drugs, force and threats to coerce her into other sexual acts. She accuses him of spanking, biting, cutting and whipping her without her consent during sex acts.

What do you think of the case? Talk to us in the comments below!

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New House of The Dragon leaks might be showing the first look at Daemon Targaryen’s first wife




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving fast with its production, and we can expect a spring release in 2022. Most of the main characters have been cast, and HBO has officially declared who’s playing who in the much-awaited prequel. With set pictures leaking quite often on the internet, the fans are getting a glimpse of more cast members in action. Recently, another rather unknown member of the House of The Dragon cast came into the limelight, via a leaked picture from the Aldershot set posted by Portal House of The Dragon Brasil.

⚠| Quem será que são esses personagens? 👀#HouseOfTheDragon

— Portal House of the Dragon Brasil (@PortalHOTD) September 28, 2021

One of the most common theories about the cast member in question is that she’s playing Prince Daemon Targaryen’s first wife Rhea Royce. This is how the character’s wiki describes her:

In 97 AC, Queen Alysanne Targaryen wed her grandson, Prince Daemon Targaryen, to Lady Rhea Royce, the heir to Runestone. Although the marriage was a fine, rich match, the marriage was not a success. Daemon found the Vale of Arryn little to his liking and grew bored. He soon developed a dislike for his wife, holding no love or affection toward Rhea, referring to her as his bronze bitch, a mocking reference to the ancient armour of the Royces. Rhea likewise had no love for Daemon, and they were soon estranged.”

Well, the armour certainly checks out, but other details about the character are currently under wraps. Who do you think the character from the recent leaks is? Tell us in the comments below!

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First Look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister from the set of House of The Dragon!





Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans. Recently, a few more pictures from the production set were leaked. And we finally have a first look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian Steel sword the Dark Sister.


In one of the photos, Matt Smith, who’s playing Daemon Targaryen on the show, can be seen walking on the beach, his platinum blonde wig blowing in the wind as he rests one of his hands on his belt buckle while carrying his sword behind him.


Another image shows him in what looks like a melancholy state, kneeling in the sea with his shoulders hunched and his head bowed down as his sword stands upright in the sand.


The last of the photos show him lying on the sand, while Dark Sister is still stuck in the sand while Matt talks to a crew member.


This might be a soul-searching moment for Daemon Targaryen, since no other cast members are seen around him as he takes a stroll along the beach.

What do you think of the design of Dark Sister? Talk to us in the comments below!


Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans, as they’re left wondering and speculating who’s who in the new set pictures. Fans have been wondering for a while about some of the key characters that have not been announced yet. Recently, a few more pictures were leaked, depicting a scene being filmed involving a young Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon.


We already know actress Milly Alcock is playing the younger version of Rhaenyra, as it was announced officially a while ago. However, this is the first time anyone has ever seen Laenor Velaryon in action, played by actor Theo Nate. Nate is a budding actor whose acting credits include Time (2021), a show starring Sean Bean.


Rhaenyra and Laenor were married at a young age, so the leaked pictures that have been circulating on the internet must be from around that time. Also, Laenor dies young in the books, after the couple have their children. So maybe Rhaenyra is seeing him off for the last time at the beach?

What are your speculations about the scene being filmed? Talk to us in the comments below!


It has recently been confirmed that the production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has returned to Cornwall. Several photos of the shoot were leaked recently, which included what looked like a huge huge battle sequence as well as the first look at Rhaenys Velaryon, Laenor Velaryon and a young Rhaenyra Targaryen. Fans of the fantasy epic might be psyched, but the neighbours to the show’s production site not so much.


A holiday park in Cornwall has complained that nearby filming for the Game Of Thrones spin-off House Of The Dragon has driven away their guests. The owners of The Meadow Holiday Park, who are neighbours to the show’s production site, have now said that they have lost business on account of the noise from production, which took place between 5 am and 10 pm.

Every time the National Trust rent out their car park for a lot of money we get disturbed,” owner Krys Humphrey explained to Cornwall Live. “The car park is quite big and they could easily put the generators and lorries on the far side of the car park which would make things better.”


She continued, “They are located next to the riverbank which is just a couple of metres from our holiday homes. We have asked them to move the generators but they say they can’t. The National Trust won’t reply to anything.”

Humphrey added that the House of The Dragon production team has offered to distribute gift baskets to those impacted by the noise, but that this will not suffice. “We have been told that it could continue for another three weeks,” she said, “I have some guests booked in who have a baby and others with a lady who is 94. It’s not fair.”

What do you think about the issue? Talk to us in the comments below!


The production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew have returned to Holywell beach, but this time, the scale of production seems to be much more massive, covering a lot more ground than previous leaks, as reported by Cornwall Live.


The large scale filming and the shots that were being prepared looked as if they were preparing for a big battle sequence. Two boats followed by lines of smoke set the backdrop at Holywell Bay near Newquay. Well, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and fans can hope it is from the dragons we are so excited to see in the Game of Thrones prequel.


Marshals wearing high-vis jackets and facemasks lead cast members across the desert-like sands at Holywell Bay. Not much can be seen considering the distance, but the actors wearing turbans and yellowish attire seem to be from Dorne. There are also some Targaryen soldiers on the set, possibly from Rhaenyra’s section.





A huge part of the beach was shut off to locals, though they still flocked around the scene trying to get a first-hand glimpse of the shoot.



An unidentified Targaryen soldier was also seen gazing at the sea in a scene being shot on what appears to be a hilltop, possibly trying to encompass the scale of destruction of the battle. There are also some props resembling shipwrecks, that also point towards the theory.




Which important battle sequence from the Dance of the Dragons is being filmed here? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.

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