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Game of Thrones Season 7: 10 Characters – Who will live and who will die?



As the build up to Game of Thrones Season 7 continues to heat up (poor cliche considering the fact that Winter is finally here), fans have been sharing their thoughts and predictions about the upcoming season. In a recent poll, fans were asked which character they thought was most likely to die first in Season 7. I’m afraid it’s bad news for lovers of Theon Greyjoy, Melisandre, Davos and Jorah. With the poll in mind, I thought I’d do a Season 7 prediction of my own. So here it is. Ten major characters: who will live and who will die?



I’m afraid its more bad news for Theon Greyjoy fans, as I have to go with the masses on this one. Whilst Theon may have redeemed himself in Sansa’s eyes, I doubt Jon will be as forgiving. Perhaps Theon will complete his redemption with an act to save the family he once betrayed. An act that will end with his death, maybe? However, Theon’s fate is far from certain. He is still the last surviving son of Balon Greyjoy, after all. Despite his past, he still has, as Littlefinger would call it, the ‘gift of a good name’. A good name still worth fighting for.



Before Sophie Turner’s accidental leak last week, I was 65% sure that Sansa would not survive Season 7.  Whilst Sophie Turner’s statement is by no means conclusive regarding her character’s fate, it now looks likely that Sansa will make it to Season 8.  Turner’s character has come a long way in six seasons. From the naive child we saw in Season 1, to a strong woman with strong allies in a newly reclaimed North. I’m personally looking forward to seeing a reunion between Cersei and Sansa. The one-time apprentice has now become the master.



Melisandre’s Season 3 prediction regarding Arya’s future is one of the key reasons why I think she will survive. Though Melisandre has been wrong in the past (Stannis burning his own daughter to melt a bit of snow), I’ve got a feeling that we might see her premonition come to pass. If you’ve forgotten what Melisandre said, here is the quote:

‘I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue yes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.’

Now the brown eyes, I’m not too sure about, but here’s a theory about the blue and the green. Blue eyes are synonymous with White Walkers, so I’m thinking Arya will add a White to her portfolio this season. Yet the green is more interesting. Throughout the books, George R. R. Martin makes a big deal of Cersei’s ‘green eyes’. Are these the eyes Arya will shut forever? If so, I think we’ll have to wait a little longer…



Speaking of those green eyes, I think Cersei will survive the upcoming season. This is not a popular view. Yet you need a human villain in Game of Thrones. It’s what enables the series to work on both a political and magical level. I’d hate to see Game of Thrones descend into a mega fight between the human heroes and White Walker villains. Cersei, or at least another human villain, will stop this situation from occurring. For that reason, I think she will make it to Season 8, though I highly doubt she will survive the Winter.



Unfortunately for Cersei, I think Season 7 might be as far as Jaime goes. Similar to Theon, Jaime is a character who has had to achieve redemption. Once the greatest villain of the show, Jaime is now a character the audience can route for, a one-handed knight on a quest to regain his honour. Yet things will soon be much more complicated, as the daughter of the King he murdered is on her way to Westeros, accompanied by a huge army and three fully-grown Dragons. I think the past will catch up with Jaime, but not before he adds some great deeds under his name in the book of the Kingsguard.



For some reason I have this tragic Romeo and Juliet-esque image stuck in my head, regarding the two above characters. The love between Jaime and Brienne is unspoken, though clear to many characters, such as Cersei and Bron. Yet, more important than love, to Brienne at least, is honour. I think Brienne will be the one to kill Jaime, or perhaps they will kill each other? I’m not sure. Yet I think it’s likely that neither character will survive Season 7.



I mean come on, the dude survived death itself? Of course he’s going to survive Season 7 (I hope!) In all seriousness, Jon Snow is probably the most resilient character on the show. He has survived climbing the wall, ‘The Battle for Castle Black’, ‘Hardhome’, his own murder, and ‘The Battle of the Bastards’. Also, I’m not sure what the point would be in bringing a character back only for him to die soon thereafter. I think Jon’s in it till the end, Azor Ahai reborn to lead the world against the White Walkers.



Can you imagine how heart-breaking it would be to watch Danny finally get to Westeros only to see her to die before she even had the chance to rule? It would probably be as crushing, if not more crushing, than The Red Wedding. But I think Danny still has a larger role to play. She has Dragons and plenty of men. I want to see the Dothraki charge the army of the dead. How awesome would that look? For that reason alone, Danny has to survive Season 7.



Every death on Game of Thrones has been for a reason. Either it has changed the political scene drastically, or plunged characters into new and uncertain territory. I don’t think anything will be gained from Tyrion’s death. In fact, a lot will be lost. Tyrion is the true hero of the story; the underdog constantly defying the odds. I also believe there is more we are yet to discover about Tyrion, as some fan theories suggest. As such, Tyrion has to survive Season 7.


Brandon Stark (The Three-Eyed Raven) will surely have a massive part to play in the wars to come. I mean, it’s what we’ve been told for the last four Seasons! For this reason, I think he will survive Season 7 and, by Season 8, be ready to face the White Walkers and their Army of the Dead. Bran might be the only character capable of defeating the Night King. Considering the fact that the ultimate showdown between the living and the dead will take place in Season 8, I would say Bran is the most likely character to survive the upcoming season. Yet, whether he will survive the war is another matter entirely.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Which other characters do think will live or die?

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