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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Battle of the Bastards



Episode 9 in Game of Thrones has always had a history. We’ve lost some of our favourite characters to that episode, and we’ve seen some amazing battles in that episode. So to say that the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ had a lot to live up to is an understatement. However, David and Dan delivered, and today we got arguably the best episode of season 6. The biggest Game of Thrones production to date, which had hundreds of extras and spent millions to make, gave us the largest battle sequence in the history of television. The Battle of the Bastards was truly a joy to watch, and though quite predictable, it was directed and written in a way that made me sit on the edge of my seat the whole time.


I was initially surprised when the episode started with the Masters assault on the city, since I expected the whole episode to revolve around the battle in the North. However I wasn’t disappointed, as we got some of the best Daenerys scenes in a long time. The initial meeting with the Masters was great, the way they tried to intimidate Daenerys until Drogon arrived. It seems like they’ve finally gotten the dragons right! The CGI was impressive, and not wasted like earlier this season when Daenerys climbed on top of Drogon just to give a speech. This time there was purpose in her actions, as she flew over the Masters fleets and burnt them to a crisp. with the help of her two other forgotten children, who are finally out of their dungeon. It was amazing seeing all three dragons in action, working in unison to burn their Mothers enemies to the ground.


Another surprise was the Greyjoys arriving. Seems like they borrowed Littlefinger’s teleporter and arrived just after the battle. The North isn’t the only one who remembers, as Tyrion reminisces about the time when he first met Theon in Winterfell, where the now cockless man mocked him about his size. It’s bittersweet when you think about how confident and cocky Theon used to be. He’s a changed man now, which he tries to convince Tyrion of. Though it’s nice seeing these two men see each other again, the real interaction that stole the scene was the one between Daenerys and Yara. Now I haven’t really enjoyed Dany’s scenes this season, but this episode was a real standout, and I loved the conversation between these two women. They clearly have a lot in common, and I loved that every time Danaerys questioned Yara, the latter responded with sassy comeback which would always relate herself to Dany. The two also got a bit flirty, and from what we’ve seen from previous episodes, in the show at least it seems Yara is either a lesbian or bisexual. Though Daenerys has only been with men in the show, in the books she also had sexual relations with her Dothraki handmaidens. It will be interesting to see how these two interact in the future, as the Greyjoys have become the first of Daenerys’ allies from Westeros. In exchange for their ships and support to her claim, Daenerys agrees to award Yara the Kingdom of the Iron Islands. However, in doing so, the Ironborn must reject their way of life, which means no more pillaging and raping. Being handed your kingdom isn’t really paying the Iron Price, so I don’t think the Ironborn will be too eager to accept Yara as their queen, especially if it means giving up on their culture and heritage.

Battle for Winterfell
The battle of the North started with a battle of words and wits, as the Starks and Boltons had a confrontation prior to their fight. Ramsay and Jon finally met, as Snow tried to anger the former bastard by offering to end this war in the form of a duel. Ramsay mocked Jon’s offer, but it was Sansa who had the final words, promising Ramsay that he’s going to “die tomorrow.”

As Jon and his advisors prepared for the upcoming battle, Ser Davos noted that the key to victory would be patience, and the only way they would win was if Ramsay came to them. After they left Jon, Sansa confronted her brother, telling him not to take Ramsay lightly as he didn’t know what he was up against. It’s interesting to see how the dynamic has changed between these two, Jon is the one who’s usually in charge and Sansa is the one who usually follows orders. However since escaping Wintefell, Sansa has become much stonger and colder, while Jon has taken the backseat since being resurrected. But it’s hard to watch Sansa stand there and lecture Jon about their lack of men when she;s the one hiding an entire army! I had hoped this episode would explain why she was so reluctant to give Jon this information, but it really doesn’t make any sense. If Jon had known that he could expect support from the Vale, his tactics and strategies would have changed accordingly, yet she still refrains from telling him. She does warn Jon that Ramsay won’t fall for any traps, as he’s the one who lays them, and that he shouldn’t do anything Ramsay wants. She also quite directly tells him that they won’t be able to save Rickon, so Jon shouldn’t let his emotions take hold of him.


Obviously Jon totally forgets all this advice the moment he reaches the battlefield. Ramsay rides out to the front pulling along the young heir of Winterfell, Rickon Stark. He cuts him free and tells him to run towards his brother. This is an obvious trap, but the moment Jon sees his little brother, who he hasn’t seen in almost six years, run towards him, he wastes no time in getting on his horse and galloping forward to meet him. We haven’t had a Stark death in a while, and this one was just as tragic as the other three. Ramsay pulls out his bow and starts shooting arrows towards Rickon, purposely missing as the distance between the two brothers diminishes. We all knew what was coming, but seeing Rickon sprint across that open field. seeing Jon’s outstretched hand, almost made me want to believe that something would happen. Something did happen, though it wasn’t what I wanted. All I could do was shout “zigzag!” Or “serpentine!” But it was no use. Jon watched Rickon fall a few feet ahead of him, as he took an arrow to the chest. Sansa knew, Davos knew, Tormund knew, but as we all know, Jon Snow knows nothing. Ramsay had baited Jon perfectly, and without a second thought Jon raced towards the Bolton army. As arrows hailed down around him and killed his horse, Davos unleashed the Stark cavalry. Their plan had been to let the enemy come to them, but the actions of their commander forced them to abandon all logic and rush towards the enemy instead. As Jon realised his mistake, standing in the open field with the Bolton cavalry charging towards him, he accepted his fate and raised Longclaw one last time. Or so he thought. This was definitely my favourite scene from this season, as the two opposing armies met around Jon, and the following choreography that saw Jon fight off half a dozen men.

As epic as that scene was, it would result in a heavy defeat for the Stark loyalists, who were soon surrounded by a shield wall. As the men began to panic and rush towards an escape, Jon is pushed to the ground and severely trampled on by his own men. I almost thought this was the end of our favourite bastard, none of the good characters ever die in a dignified way, so Jon being crushed by his own men wasn’t too hard to believe. Luckily he manages to pull himself up, while Tormund takes a tumble as he fights the Smalljon Umber. Just when it looks like Tormund is about to meet his end, Littlefinger arrives with the Knights of Rohan – I mean the Vale. With Sansa watching from afar, the knights smash the Bolton forces and free the Northerners. Tormund uses the diversion to bite off a part of Smalljons face and finish him off with a knife. Jon wastes no time, going after Ramsay who is already heading back to Winterfell.


At the castle, as Ramsay prepares for a siege, Wun-Wun the giant breaks through the doors, not before being wounded by several arrows. As the Wildlings pour in and finish off the remaining Bolton men, Ramsay kills Wun-Wun by shooting an arrow in his eye. Jon is there to witness this, and now that he’s the only one remaining from his side, Ramsay accepts Jon’s offer to a duel. As the others watch on, Ramsay draws his bow again, but Jon picks up a shield and manages to deflect all the incoming arrows. Now for someone who managed to kill Rickon from a hundred feet away with bow, Ramsay sure finds it difficult to navigate around the small shield Jon is holding. I don’t understand why he didn’t pull out his sword when Jon was right at his face, but it would have ended in the same way, with Ramsay on the ground and Jon atop of him, bashing his head in with his fists. I loved this scene, I loved how brutal it was. Jon stops only when he sees Sansa watching, maybe realising that she’s the one who deserves revenge, that she should be the one to decides how he dies. Sansa gets her wish soon after, as she confronts Ramsay while he’s tied up in the kennels. He still has a smile on his face, and tells Sansa that he will always be a part of her. I don’t know whether he means the vile and cruel acts he did to her will always stay with her, or that maybe she’s pregnant with his child. Probably the former, since Sansa would be the first to know if she was pregnant and nothing on the show has indicated that she is. As Sansa tells him “your words will dissappear, your house will dissappear, you will dissappear,” Ramsay’s hounds enter his cell. Though he is adament his dogs are loyal, Sansa reminds him that they haven’t been fed in a week, and as Ramsay fails to make them listen to him, one rips into his jaw and begins devouring him. We’d been waiting for Ramsay to get a piece of his own medicine, and while I’d have preferred if he was flayed, this still works well. I liked how Sansa is about to turn away, but then continues watching the dogs feed on him. When she does leave, she’s got a smirk on her face. The Starks are back!



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Turns out The Simpsons predicted the fate of King's Landing two years ago




Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5, “The Bells” embraced a big character arc for one of its biggest characters. Daenerys Targaryen became the Mad Queen, and unleashed fury on Cersei Lannister and her capital, King’s Landing. It turns out that The Simpsons actually predicted it a while ago. Read on.

In “The Bells” we saw Daenerys spare no mercy for the arguably morally dirty city of King’s Landing. Even after the city surrendered, and the bells were rung, Daenerys went on a rampage to burn them all. Turns out, the loved animated sitcom, which is also famous for predicting just all kinds of events, also predicted the fate of King’s Landing, back in 2017.

In the first episode of The Simpsons Season 29, which was titled The Serfsons, we saw The Simpsons set in an alternate reality that was pretty much a parody of Game of Thrones. There are White Walkers, magic necklaces, and of course, dragons. The trope is that in the end, we see the Simpsons look, as the dragon burns the city to the ground. Very much like Drogon razed King’s Landing to the ground.

Check out the clips in this video montage:

What do you guys think? Is there anything The Simpsons cannot predict? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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The teaser trailer to Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally here! As we reported earlier, the teaser trailer was supposed to drop within the next two weeks, and hence the prediction checks out. The full trailer might be here right before Christmas, but for the moment let’s enjoy the epicness of the teaser trailer launched by HBO Max earlier this week.

The teaser was released by HBO at the end of the HBO Max European launch event and it features a voiceover by Matt Smith who plays the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen. It broke the internet as soon as it was released, and fans are going crazy over the accuracy and detail shown in the teaser. It was watched by over 10 million viewers in less than three days of its launch!

It’s amazing how fans are so excited about the upcoming prequel, despite being divided over the controversial ending to Game of Thrones. Hopefully, House of The Dragon will live up to the hype, and fans will get to watch an amazing series that’ll be even better than the original one.

What do you think of the teaser trailer? Talk to us in the comments below!

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Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.


Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew were spotted in Aldershot, and locals are leaking out quite a few details about the set.

House Strong sigil #HouseOfTheDragon 🔥🐉

— rhaenyra (@RhaenyraDelight) September 30, 2021

In the most recent leaks from the set in Aldershot, fans have spotted a carriage bearing the sigil of House Strong. House Strong was already confirmed by HBO earlier last month when HBO released information about new additions to the cast, which included Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong played by Ryan Corr, Larys Strong played by Matthew Needham, and Lord Lyonel Strong played by Gavin Spokes.

Are you excited to see House Strong on House of The Dragon? Talk to us in the comments below!

You can also join our newly created Telegram group to talk about the show/books and interact with other fans.

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.


A few months ago, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a federal lawsuit against Marilyn Manson accusing him of rape and other acts of sexual violence. Marilyn Manson’s lawyers have denied all claims and said all the stories were forged by the actress. Recently, the court has denied the dismissal request put forward by Manson’s lawyers, meaning Bianco can move forward with the case.

Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha of the U.S. District Court of California denied Manson’s attempt to have Bianco’s claims dismissed based on the statute of limitations, court documents revealed Thursday. Manson has 14 days to respond to each of Bianco’s claims.


A reasonable jury could find that the effects of Warner’s alleged unconscionable acts, including the perceived threat to Plaintiff’s safety, immigration status, and career, persisted years after her last contact with Warner,” Aenlle-Rocha wrote in his court address.

Bianco first came forward on Feb. 10, as more than a dozen other women also made allegations against Manson. The lawsuit lays out Bianco’s allegations in similarly shocking detail. She alleges that Manson — whose legal name is Brian Warner — raped her in May 2011. Bianco also alleges that he repeatedly used drugs, force and threats to coerce her into other sexual acts. She accuses him of spanking, biting, cutting and whipping her without her consent during sex acts.

What do you think of the case? Talk to us in the comments below!

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New House of The Dragon leaks might be showing the first look at Daemon Targaryen’s first wife




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving fast with its production, and we can expect a spring release in 2022. Most of the main characters have been cast, and HBO has officially declared who’s playing who in the much-awaited prequel. With set pictures leaking quite often on the internet, the fans are getting a glimpse of more cast members in action. Recently, another rather unknown member of the House of The Dragon cast came into the limelight, via a leaked picture from the Aldershot set posted by Portal House of The Dragon Brasil.

⚠| Quem será que são esses personagens? 👀#HouseOfTheDragon

— Portal House of the Dragon Brasil (@PortalHOTD) September 28, 2021

One of the most common theories about the cast member in question is that she’s playing Prince Daemon Targaryen’s first wife Rhea Royce. This is how the character’s wiki describes her:

In 97 AC, Queen Alysanne Targaryen wed her grandson, Prince Daemon Targaryen, to Lady Rhea Royce, the heir to Runestone. Although the marriage was a fine, rich match, the marriage was not a success. Daemon found the Vale of Arryn little to his liking and grew bored. He soon developed a dislike for his wife, holding no love or affection toward Rhea, referring to her as his bronze bitch, a mocking reference to the ancient armour of the Royces. Rhea likewise had no love for Daemon, and they were soon estranged.”

Well, the armour certainly checks out, but other details about the character are currently under wraps. Who do you think the character from the recent leaks is? Tell us in the comments below!

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First Look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister from the set of House of The Dragon!





Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans. Recently, a few more pictures from the production set were leaked. And we finally have a first look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian Steel sword the Dark Sister.


In one of the photos, Matt Smith, who’s playing Daemon Targaryen on the show, can be seen walking on the beach, his platinum blonde wig blowing in the wind as he rests one of his hands on his belt buckle while carrying his sword behind him.


Another image shows him in what looks like a melancholy state, kneeling in the sea with his shoulders hunched and his head bowed down as his sword stands upright in the sand.


The last of the photos show him lying on the sand, while Dark Sister is still stuck in the sand while Matt talks to a crew member.


This might be a soul-searching moment for Daemon Targaryen, since no other cast members are seen around him as he takes a stroll along the beach.

What do you think of the design of Dark Sister? Talk to us in the comments below!


Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans, as they’re left wondering and speculating who’s who in the new set pictures. Fans have been wondering for a while about some of the key characters that have not been announced yet. Recently, a few more pictures were leaked, depicting a scene being filmed involving a young Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon.


We already know actress Milly Alcock is playing the younger version of Rhaenyra, as it was announced officially a while ago. However, this is the first time anyone has ever seen Laenor Velaryon in action, played by actor Theo Nate. Nate is a budding actor whose acting credits include Time (2021), a show starring Sean Bean.


Rhaenyra and Laenor were married at a young age, so the leaked pictures that have been circulating on the internet must be from around that time. Also, Laenor dies young in the books, after the couple have their children. So maybe Rhaenyra is seeing him off for the last time at the beach?

What are your speculations about the scene being filmed? Talk to us in the comments below!


It has recently been confirmed that the production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has returned to Cornwall. Several photos of the shoot were leaked recently, which included what looked like a huge huge battle sequence as well as the first look at Rhaenys Velaryon, Laenor Velaryon and a young Rhaenyra Targaryen. Fans of the fantasy epic might be psyched, but the neighbours to the show’s production site not so much.


A holiday park in Cornwall has complained that nearby filming for the Game Of Thrones spin-off House Of The Dragon has driven away their guests. The owners of The Meadow Holiday Park, who are neighbours to the show’s production site, have now said that they have lost business on account of the noise from production, which took place between 5 am and 10 pm.

Every time the National Trust rent out their car park for a lot of money we get disturbed,” owner Krys Humphrey explained to Cornwall Live. “The car park is quite big and they could easily put the generators and lorries on the far side of the car park which would make things better.”


She continued, “They are located next to the riverbank which is just a couple of metres from our holiday homes. We have asked them to move the generators but they say they can’t. The National Trust won’t reply to anything.”

Humphrey added that the House of The Dragon production team has offered to distribute gift baskets to those impacted by the noise, but that this will not suffice. “We have been told that it could continue for another three weeks,” she said, “I have some guests booked in who have a baby and others with a lady who is 94. It’s not fair.”

What do you think about the issue? Talk to us in the comments below!


The production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew have returned to Holywell beach, but this time, the scale of production seems to be much more massive, covering a lot more ground than previous leaks, as reported by Cornwall Live.


The large scale filming and the shots that were being prepared looked as if they were preparing for a big battle sequence. Two boats followed by lines of smoke set the backdrop at Holywell Bay near Newquay. Well, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and fans can hope it is from the dragons we are so excited to see in the Game of Thrones prequel.


Marshals wearing high-vis jackets and facemasks lead cast members across the desert-like sands at Holywell Bay. Not much can be seen considering the distance, but the actors wearing turbans and yellowish attire seem to be from Dorne. There are also some Targaryen soldiers on the set, possibly from Rhaenyra’s section.





A huge part of the beach was shut off to locals, though they still flocked around the scene trying to get a first-hand glimpse of the shoot.



An unidentified Targaryen soldier was also seen gazing at the sea in a scene being shot on what appears to be a hilltop, possibly trying to encompass the scale of destruction of the battle. There are also some props resembling shipwrecks, that also point towards the theory.




Which important battle sequence from the Dance of the Dragons is being filmed here? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.

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