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Game of Thrones removed a scene featuring Ghost from the latest episode, “Stormborn”



Game of Thrones gave us the long-awaited reunion featuring Arya and Nymeria in the latest episode, “Stormborn” and the fans couldn’t contain their excitement. The Direwolves are one of the favourite characters in the show and the fans are so attached to them, that they value the lives of the Direwolves more than those of the human characters. As the show progresses, more and more Direwolves are turning up dead and now we are left with only two – Nymeria and Ghost.

The fans were excited to see Nymeria in the episode but this also raised a question in the minds of many people. Where is Ghost?! We know that he’s at Winterfell with Jon Snow but it’s been two episodes and we still haven’t seen him. The last time we saw him was when Jon Snow came back from the dead and ever since he has been missing in action.

“Stormborn” writer, Bryan Cogman posted a tweet after the episode in which he revealed that they had shot a scene which featured Jon Snow and Ghost but it got chopped off.

He didn’t share any detail regarding what was going to happen in the scene. All we know is that they had shot a scene which featured Ghost and Cogman tried his best to make sure it stayed in the episode, but sadly it was cut from the episode. This is not the first time a scene featuring Ghost has been deleted from an episode. In the last season, there was a scene featuring Ghost, Dolorous Edd and Alliser Thorne but even that scene was removed from the episode. Jump to the 8.50 mark in the below video to see the scene.

And that’s not where this ends. Ghost was supposed to be a part of the Battle of the Bastards too but the showrunners had to take a decision, whether to include Ghost or Wun Wun in the battle and they went ahead with Wun Wun. This is what directorMiguel Sapochnik had to say about the scene to Insider. “Ultimately, we had to choose between Wun-Wun and the direwolf, so the dog bit the dust.”

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Now that we have seen Nymeria choosing to lead her own life with her pack, we are left with only one Direwolf and that’s Ghost and we really hope that the showrunners introduce him in this season.

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