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HBO launches official Game of Thrones newsletter : Whispers of Westeros



Game of Thrones hasn’t been on TV for a long time now. It’s been more than a year since Season 6 had begun airing, and Season 7 is still a couple of months away, withe the premiere date set for July 16th. In the meantime, we’re hearing all kinds of talk, with the news about HBO developing five spinoff ideas, to cast interviews hyping up Season 7. The latest move for more hype for Season 7 is coming as a neat marketing move from HBO. HBO has just launched the official Game of Thrones newsletter, called Whispers of Westeros.

The announcement was made on Twitter, and came from the official Game of Thrones twitter account. Check it out, below :

Receive #WhispersofWesteros.
Sign up for the Official #GoT Newsletter for the latest news from the realm: (US ONLY)

— Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) May 18, 2017

However, there’s the catch! The newsletter is only available to the citizens of the U.S., for now. We tried to access the site,, and were hit with the following message :

“Seven hells! Whispers of Westeros is unavailable to visitors outside the United States. For the latest Game of Thrones updates, please visit”

However, what we’re hearing is that the site asks you for your e-mail address, and if you want offers and updates from HBO. You get the following message on completing registration :

“You’ve joined the ranks of the realm’s top players — the ones who understand knowledge is power. Stay tuned as whispers make their way from Westeros to your inbox.”

There is also a link to the Viewer’s Guide, which lets you get details about Game of Thrones episodes, with cast interviews, and more.

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The newsletter hasn’t yet started rolling out, but it looks like it will, soon, since the aim seems to be create a bit more hype for the upcoming season. Are you going to be signing up for Whispers of Westeros? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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