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Game of Thrones prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ likely to premiere in 2022



game-of-thrones-prequel-house-of-the-dragon-likely-to-premiere-in-2022-1-9276095 January 16th, 2:18pm January 16th, 2:18pm Abhijeet Singh

Dragons have generated wonder and enigma in everyone’s heart. The spread of wings, a flight of fancy, and dragon-fire at disposal. It’s an animal of unimaginable proportions, drawing fire and blood with ease and ferocity. But we saw just three in Game of Thrones, an army is waiting. House of the Dragon is coming. Ever since we heard the news a few months back, the excitement has been rising. Now, we have the first news of its release. Casey Bloys, the programming chief of HBO, spoke about the prequel series at the Television Critics Association (TCA) tour.


He said that the year 2022 was his “best guess” for the likely premiere of House of the Dragon. According to him, it was tough to be more specific than the tentative mark he mentioned.

“They are in the room breaking story right now. My guess is we’ll see it on air in ’22,” Bloys clarified. It seems quite far, but then we heard ‘Winter is coming’ in the first season of Game of Thrones; and it took almost seven years to reach us. Though it was a slow burn, we guess a tasty meal takes time to cook.

“Obviously it’s a big, complicated show,” the HBO official added. House of Dragon is a prequel set in the days of Targaryen dominance in Westeros; taking us almost 300 years in the past from where Game of Thrones started. A time infested by family strife, civil war and plenty of dragons, the straight to series order by HBO is supposed to follow the events during The Dance of Dragons. Without a doubt, it has the potential to follow in the footsteps of the mountain called Game of Thrones.


Casey further informed us that there were no updates on the casting front. However the storytellers have been mentioned a few times. George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood will be the source material; and the series is co-created by Ryan Condal and George Martin. Miguel Sapochnick, who gave us thrilling episodes like The Winds of Winter, The Long Night, etc. will partner with Condal as showrunner. Wes Tooker, Claire Kiechel, and Ti Mikkel are also on board the writer’s ship.

There was always the news of multiple shows in the pipeline for the world of ice and fire; one of which went till the pilot stage. At the moment, however, HBO only seems to see fire and blood through.

“For me, for right now, I think getting House of the Dragon on the air will be the number one priority. There are no other blinking green lights or anything like that. Sometime down the road who knows, but there are no immediate plans. We are all focusing on House of Dragon,” Bloys concluded.


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The House that has gathered the most amount of frenzy among Game of Thrones fans will finally go bare in front of us. It’s coming soon and we are sitting tight. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

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