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Game of Thrones nominated for a Producers Guild of America Award for the seventh consecutive year

Game of Thrones is usually a winning presence at awards, but the frequency varies from award to award. One of the awards that the show has been nominated to consistently, are the Producers Guild Award, and it has just been nominated for it again, for the seventh time in a row. Read on!

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) recently announced the nominees for the latest edition, the 29th Annual Producers Guild Awards, as reported by Deadline. Game of Thrones Season 7 was in the roster, getting a nomination in the Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama category. The category does have some solid competition. Check out the nominees, below :

Game of ThronesThe Handmaid’s TaleBig Little LiesStranger Things

The Crown

Game of Thrones has had a nomination for this category every year since the show started, i.e. 2011, but has only one win, for Season 5. Our bets this year are on The Handmaid’s Tale, which has gathered critical acclaim, and since Season 7 was sort of a staging season for the end, Game of Thrones is likely to reserve its win for the final season. The awards will be announced in a ceremony scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on January 20th.

What do you think? Will Game of Thrones get its second win? Tell us in the comments, down below!