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Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey (Cersei) hasn’t watched House of the Dragon yet




Lena Headey, star of Game of Thrones, is a phenomenal performer. Her portrayal of the evil queen Cersei Lannister on the show was so strong that some fans started to hate her in real life. It could be one of the many explanations for why she didn’t watch the prequel House of the Dragon and doesn’t really discuss her Game of Thrones days with her young children.

Lena Headey doesn’t plan on watching House of the Dragon

With all the hate she received on the widely acclaimed HBO epic, it is understandable she’d want to stay far away from it as much as possible. That’s why when asked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter if she had watched the prequel House of the Dragon, she said, “Nah“, following up with “Too weird. Yeah.”


Lena Headey doesn’t miss Game of Thrones

On being asked if she missed anything from her Game of Thrones days, she replied:

“No. I miss the people — because you fall in love with people, and you create these family units. So that takes a little while to go though. There’s a weird grief from those relationships. But I don’t miss it. We did it. We put everything into it. It changed everyone’s fucking world, and we’ll always have it.”

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