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Game of Thrones is casting two new characters. Activity spotted at old filming location



Game of Thrones is halfway through with Season 8 filming, but that hasn’t slowed the production down. We have been getting you all the news from the set shuffles. Now, we have a different update (followed by another tiny set update) : Game of Thrones is casting two new characters for Season 8. Read on!

The news comes from an exclusive report by Game of Thrones fan-site Watchers on the Wall. Let’s get right into it. There are two characters up for grabs, but three actors are required. First off, is a young mother, aged 25 to 30, which has been described as a “poor mother in a survival situation.” The character is asking for “a naturalistic style, and improvisation skills.”

Next is the more interesting part. The poor mother’s child. This role is set to be played by identical twin girls of age 5-8. Now, if you are wondering as to why two girls are being cast for one role, it has a simple explanation: the production is casting twins to ensure filming with the role isn’t limited because of the child labor laws. The character needs a “naturalistic acting style,” “characterful faces,” and “scrappy” behavior, which sounds it could be a northener, and will be appearing in multiple scenes, albeit in a single episode. Filming is expected to happen between be May 4-9 and June 19-26, in Northern Ireland.

That’s all about the casting. Moving on to the location news, we have some new buzz. Quite a lot of activity has been spotted at Saintfield. In case you don’t know, that is the location where the Battle of the Bastards was filmed. It’s likely that the production is filming a part of the giant battle at Winterfell that we know has been filmed at the Moneyglass set. That’s not all, there is also quite a lot of activity at the new set with the giant green screen set at Magheramorne quarry, and filming is being done at night, which means it could be Winterfell battle filming, too:

Moving on, we have one more giant screen being built, this time at the side of the King’s Landing gate on the set by the side of Titanic Studios. Check out pictures of the frame of the screen:

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