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Game of Thrones-inspired Cruise of Thrones is coming in 2021



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Travel has an enigmatic quality of bringing us closer to the world as well as ourselves. For many people, it has become a passion-filled-career, where they travel to different parts of the world and describe their experiences to other people in detail. However, for most it is still a pursuit of pleasure. We saw a lot of travelling-around in Game of Thrones. The scenic views that were offered throughout the show were breath-taking. But what if the luxurious pleasure of travel and the picturesque locations of Westeros came together in a package? The product is Cruise of Thrones, an exclusive luxury cruise that will visit the filming locations of Game of Thrones all over Europe. Read on!

Brought to life by Dalmatian Travel & Events, the cruise will take the travelers through Iceland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Malta, and Croatia with two unique itineraries. Lynette Durovic, the owner of the company, is a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin and the HBO show and that’s where the inspiration for the ambitious cruise is rooted. She revealed the details surrounding the experience while talking to

The idea for the cruise came to her on a Game of Thrones tour where the excitement and the thirst for more compelled her to take on this seafaring initiative. Recreating the complete environs of such a giant fantasy world needs a lot of planning, hard work, and innovation. Her company has managed different projects such as weddings, conventions, relief project, conferences, reunion cruises. But the daunting international scale of Cruise of Thrones is a first.

Cruise of Thrones offers an 8-day Northern Cruise, an 8-day Southern Cruise, and a 16-day Known World Cruise (sailing you back-to-back on the Northern and Southern Cruises). There’s also an add-on side trip to view the steps of Dragonstone in Bilbao, Spain.

The Northern ride takes you to The Wall and beyond. The actual locations of Iceland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland will show you the Fist of the First Men and the grounds of Winterfell. Meanwhile, the Southern trip goes to the Mediterranean. Through ports in Spain, Malta and Croatia, one could visit Dorne, Essos and King’s Landing respectively. The Known World Cruise will consist of both the Northern and the Southern cruises and give a full tour around the filming sites of Game of Thrones. Moreover, the side trip of Dragonstone comes free if you purchase both.

If you think it seems like an adventure on land, there’s much more on the deck. The cruise promises endless activities and surprises for the people. Celebrities, panels, lectures, musicians, dance performances, storytelling, top notch dining experiences, cosplay, fan art, specialty drinks, games, casino, spa, wine tasting, ice carving. The list goes on and on. With exquisite service and indulgences for all the senses, it looks like one would get every possible treat. “What they will not get is boredom. I can guarantee that one,” Ms. Durovic assured.

She describes the cruise as “for fans, from a fan.” A premium offering no doubt! Cruise of Thrones will start sailing in September 2021. For more details, visit

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After Game of Thrones Studio Tour, this is another exciting development for the fans to glimpse the world of Westeros. However, unlike the studio tour, Cruise of Thrones is not endorsed by HBO or any Game of Thrones related entity. It is a private enterprise that seeks to bring the mythology of ice and fire to the shores of its believers. What are your thoughts? Does it excite you? Tell us in the comments.

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