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Game of Thrones fans react to that travel time plot hole in 'Beyond the Wall'



Game of Thrones Season 7 is now just one episode away from ending. The sixth episode aired this Sunday, and the fans seemed to be bothered by one little problem : the timelines not syncing up. Jon Snow and his buddies get stuck beyond the wall, and Gendry is sent back to Eastwatch to ask for help. Now, they’re pretty far from the wall, so Gendry runs all the way back, and then sends a raven from Eastwatch to Dragonstone, and Daenerys flies from there to beyond the Wall, and all this is shown happening in a much smaller time-frame than the usual pace of every other scene in the episode. Now, the speedy raven bothered a lot of fans and they have been tweeting about it left and right. Check out some of the fan reactions, below :

What is the airspeed of a raven in Westeros? @ringer #TalkTheThrones

— B (@bjk41180) August 21, 2017

That raven better be using FedEx overnight express #thronesyall

— Dan Sommerville (@BigDanimal) August 21, 2017

The Night’s Watch raven, apparently. #GameOfThrones

— ?Better off Dad™? (@SladeWentworth) August 21, 2017

Ah, there goes another raven. #JustEastwatchThings #GameOfThrones

— Scott a light? (@electronicscott) August 21, 2017

Raven is faster than a WhatsApp message#GameOfThrones

— Jatin Kapadia (@jatinkapadia) August 21, 2017

Me trying to figure out how gendry got to the wall & the raven got to daenerys & daenerys got to Jon in like 2 days #gameofthrones

— Katey LaCroix (@katey_sloan) August 21, 2017

This is the magic raven they sent #GameOfThrones

— Lesley Donaldson (@Bornagainwriter) August 21, 2017

gif of the raven sent from Eastwatch to Dragonstone #GOT7

— Andrew Karcher (@andrewkarcher) August 21, 2017

Jon: “I need a message delivered ASAP!”

Raven: “Say no more fam!” #GameofThrones #ThronesYall

— Denizcan James (@MrFilmkritik) August 21, 2017

Leaked image of the raven used to send Dany the SOS #ThronesYall

— Dana B (@thebee110) August 21, 2017

RedittorBuffalo_Dangerput forward an explanation of the total time taken for the whole scene to take place, saying everything happened in a matter of 24 hours :

While another Redditor,mikeCFNI, explained how it took five days for the same :

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What are your thoughts? We think it happened in less than two days, which seems like a fair pace to all the events to have happened with. 24 hours seems too less, and 5 days, a bit too much. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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