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Game of Thrones exhibit 'Unknown Worlds' held at Frankenstein Castle in Germany



Art makes you see the world in a different view. However, one artist has dedicated his talent to show the world the hidden landscapes of popular novels. A few years ago, artist Sven Sauer curated Unseen Westeros, an exhibit where accomplished artists took a close look at the fictional world created by George R.R. Martin and painted their own versions of places we didn’t get to see in on HBO’s Game of Thrones, or even in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books. Some of them include the Shadow Lands, the far country of Yi Ti and dragons over the Shivering Sea. This year the Unseen Worlds exhibit was held at Frankenstein Castle in Germany, which featured 60 new images created by 40 international artists who worked on Game of Thrones, Avatar, Star Trek, X-Men, The Avengers and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Los Siete Reinos has shared some images from the event, and they look spectacular.

Asshai by Sven Sauer

Sea of Chills by Jimmy P. Duda

Coloso Valyrio by Max Riess

Frankenstein Castle in Germany

The Unseen Worlds exhibit took place over four days, starting on Thursday, July 15 till Sunday, July 18. It was hosted at Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt, Germany. The artists were present there in person to answer questions, and there was also an audio guide.

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Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is once again back on track, as promised by HBO after the recent positive coronavirus case. The production was hit with a jolt on Monday when a crew and a cast member tested positive for the contagious virus. According to Deadline, the UK shoot was paused for two days after a positive case in zone A was reported, which includes cast and crew. Now Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that filming on HBO’s upcoming fantasy series House of the Dragon resumed on Wednesday as expected after a brief production shutdown.

The production member and the actor have been isolated and close contacts are required to quarantine. Production began according to the schedule on Wednesday. It is not known yet as to who were the ones who were tested positive for the virus.


The news dealt a minor blow to the expectations of the fans who were expecting the show to arrive early in 2022. The progress on the Game of Thrones prequel was going on smoothly until now, and was progressing really quick. Leaked pictures from all over the internet hinted HBO is taking great strides in this direction, and they are leaving no stones unturned to make this show a great hit. Hopefully, they’ll be able to make the dragons fly again and get the production up to speed in no time.

We wish a speedy recovery to the cast and the crew and hopefully, they’ll be back on track and make up for the lost time. Send your good wishes in the comments below!


Game of Thrones was the biggest show of the 21st century. It set new records for viewership, awards won and the budget required to make the show. Being such a big hit ensured that the fans will get to return to Westeros, and that’s why we are getting the prequel series House of The Dragon. However, it is going to face tough competition from a show from HBO itself. The TV adaptation of the video game The Last of Us has created quite a buzz recently. This time, it is in the news for the cost of its production, and it might exceed the budget that was used to make Game of Thrones.


Based on the super-popular video game of the same name, the show follows a man named Joel (Pedro Pascal) who’s forced to bring a young girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across a zombie-infested United States because she might be the key to a cure. Filming is reportedly now taking place in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada, and there, the head of one of the labour unions working on the project offered up some fascinating information to the local CTV News, via Forbes.

This project well exceeds the eight-figure per episode mark,” said Damian Petti, president of IATSE 212. “So there is a multiplier effect on our economy in terms of its impact. There are hundreds of related businesses benefitting from the plethora of work.” The expenditure, according to Petti, began with six months of pre-production leading into a 12-month shoot. The first season is expected to be 10 episodes.

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The year 2020 was a Red Wedding year for most people around the world. Many near and dear ones were taken away from us, including Game of Thrones’ Diana Rigg. The flow of tragedies did not stop with the wretched year, as the world was still battling the pandemic, the second wave of coronavirus 2021. We lost an important source of Game of Thrones news source in April this year. Sarah Hughes, who wrote for The Guardian and Observer, was a big A Song of Ice and Fire fan from long before the TV series premiered on HBO. She passed away in April this year at the age of 48 due to stage 4 cancer. Game of Thrones alum Kit Harington memorialized the late journalist with a small video message.

Harington appears in a reel of people memorizing Hughes on a website celebrating her life. The whole video is nearly two hours long and very heart-touching, but the Twitter account @KitHarington10 excerpted Harington’s section for Game of Thrones fans. Harington can be seen reading an article Hughes wrote for The Guardian in 2019 about Game of Thrones and her cancer diagnosis, shortly before the final season was about to release.

Kit Harington reads an excerpt from “Game of Thrones” in memory of journalist Sarah Hughes. •

Special thanks to Dane Whitman • Black Knight era @KHfanPH for the link to the video

— Kit Harington (@KitHarington10) July 12, 2021

— Kit Harington (@KitHarington10) July 12, 2021

Let us remember Sarah Hughes, as her watch has now ended, and keep her in our thoughts and prayers for her great service to the Game of Thrones community. Amen!

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