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Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton talks about the meaning behind season 7 costumes



Game of Thrones Season 7 had even greater production value than before, and it wasn’t only the brilliant visual effects, but the costumes, too. Season 7 had some brilliant costumes, and they were adapted to match the tone of the season. Costume designer for the show, Michele Clapton, recently spoke to Huffington Post about how her designs meant a lot more than what you could see in the first look. Read on!

First off, she spoke about Daenerys Targaryen‘s costume :

“This season seemed to be the right time for Daenerys to start to embrace the shape and colours of her house. She is in touching distance of her desired place … so I liked this flowering, this visual expression of her growing confidence that she could maybe take the throne.”

We saw Dany’s costume change a bit when she meets Jon Snow, with linings of fur starting to appear. Clapton talked about it :

“There is obviously some chemistry at work! I wanted to reflect this with a dramatic yet extremely practical costume.”

She also spoke about the winter coat Dany is seen in when she rides beyond the wall :

“I took reference from the Wildlings’ attire, particularly the coat that is worn by Jon Snow which was in turn influenced by Mance Rayder. I wanted to define Dany’s shape by cutting into and shaping the fur. Also, I was keen to create a warrior look, a thing of beauty.”

She then explained how Sansa Stark‘s costumed aimed at establishing “an idea of being wrapped, a sense of security, laced in, protected.” She explained further :

“The cut of the costume was very fitted and severe but the fabrics were soft, textured and quilted. I was trying to grasp all that has happened to Sansa, all the hurt and abuse and frustration, and trying to understand how she would express this yet appear strong. She adapts all she has learnt to her look.”

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She also recently explained how Cersei Lannister‘s costume in the Dragonpit scene hinted that she was lying, in another interview. We, for one, loved all the costumes in the season. How about you? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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