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Check out Sophie Turner in the trailer for her upcoming film, Josie



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The stars of Game of Thrones are quite the busy bees. We see them filming for the show for most of the year and when they aren’t doing that, they are busy with other projects. As we have been reporting, Sophie Turner, who plays the role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, has been working on a film named Girl Who Fell From The Sky, and Dark Phoenix, her own X-Men movie, but there’s more! Her upcoming movie, named Josie, recently had its trailer revealed. Read on!

The synopsis of the film reads as below:

“A sweet-talking stranger befriends a young punk and a lonely man after moving to a small Southern town. Her true intentions prove far more sinister when her dark past soon comes to light.”

The trailer shows Sophie pulling off a nice Southern American accent, swimming and sunbathing, with a little bit of intrigue thrown in. Check it out, below:

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Looks like she has picked up quite a lot of creepy tricks from Littlefinger. The trailer definitely made us look forward to he movie, which is set for a March 16 release. Are you going to watch it? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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