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Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton confirms two major character meetups for Season 7



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July 11th, 8:03pm July 11th, 8:03pm Palash Volvoikar21. Goan. Full-time Geek. Failing in college while you fail in life. Staff writer at Wiki of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 7 has been teased as the season where characters we have seen existing completely separately, will finally meet. With storylines colliding left and right, we have a lot of action to look forward to. Now that Season 7 premiere is just a week away, a lot of information is dropping, in form of, mostly, interviews of the cast and crew members. Till now we have seen mostly discreet information being teased and revealed, but the latest interview has some solid confirmations for us. Michele Clapton, head of the costume department for Game of Thrones, recently confirmed two major character meetups for Game of Thrones Season 7. Read on!

Michele Clapton recently talked to UPROXX about the different costumes of Game of Thrones, and the thought process behind them. The highlight of the conversation was when she discussed Jon Snow‘s costume for Season 7. While discussing Jon’s new cape as the King in the North, she confirmed a major character meetup to begin with, that we have all been expecting, and waiting for :

“We had a lot of discussions about does the cape give him presence or is it better to not have that presence? What are we trying to say? There are times when we removed it because we wanted him to be more vulnerable. Especially I think, when he saw Dany, and he went to see her for the first time in her chamber.”

Well, then that confirms what some of us already know. Jon will go meet Daenerys Targaryen in her chamber, which is at Dragonstone. That’s not it. Michele continued the same conversation, and went on to reveal a meetup we were not quite sure about :

“We decided to remove it, but then when he went to see Cersei, we put it on.”

So that’s two major meetings for Jon! Dany, and Cersei! Now, this marks the first time Jon is headed south, since Ned Stark brought him to Winterfell when he was a baby. We have seen Jon all set to have quite a time in the Season 7 trailer. There are Wights, there are flaming swords, and there is just a whole lot of action, and all of that is just a week away! Are you excited? We sure are.

The interview has quite a lot of interesting bits, so go read the full piece, here. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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