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Game of Thrones cinematographer David Franco talks about Season 8 locations, Season 7 scenes, and more



Game of Thrones is so successful not only because of the efforts of the people we can see on-screen, but those who work on the show behind the scenes as well. With such a strong crew, the show has been able to execute it’s vision quite nicely, over tue years. Game of Thrones cinematographer David Franco recently spoke to Marie Claire about Season 8 locations, Season 7 scenes, and more. Read on!

Speaking of Season 8 being in the preparation stage, David revealed that some location scouting has been going on in Belfast, Northern Ireland :

“Belfast is where our production center and studio is, so we are principally there. We always go to a stunning seaside Northern Ireland landscape around Belfast as well. For the map, I’m not in the know yet—and it is really early in the production schedule. A decision like that could be made in the final minutes.

Next up, he spoke about that scene at the end of Season 7 where we saw the Army of the Dead marching south, and they seemed to march in a pattern that looked like the sigil of House Stark :

“Most of [this scene was] created in post-production, so DPs are not really involved. As far as I know, it is a fan’s vivid imagination, but you never know!”

He also spoke about the boat sex scene wirh Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, and how it was planned carefully :

“I was not involved in that [particular] shooting for Season 7, but as Director of Photography/Cinematographer, we have a mandate to be consistent with the ‘look’ of the show. For the John and Danny scene on the boat, the reason it feels so intimate is that many close-ups were used versus wide-establishing shots, and those close-up formats showed two great actors who conveyed that intimacy.”

Franco also shed a little light on the whole idea of shootig multiple endings to curb leaks :

“We do read the script, and are planning the shooting of the scene—so we are supposed to know the end. But a new script can always appear just as we about to start shooting and reverse the situation! Plus, shooting multiple endings is sometimes done to keep everyone in the dark, including the actors.”

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