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Game of Thrones actress Faye Marsay quit social media after facing abuse for playing the Waif



Game of Thrones has a plethora of actors who have done brilliant jobs at portraying their respective characters, and the biggest challenge they face is while playing a character who is hated by the viewers. There have been quite a few despised characters on Game of Thrones, and sometimes when the acting gets too convincing, fans take it to the next level by being mean to the actors who portray them. In yet another such incident, actress Faye Marsay who played the Waif, revealed during an interview withDigital Spythat she faced a lot of abuse for her character’s behaviour towards Arya Stark.

She said that people were too nosy and rude after her appearance on Game of Thrones, and that social media terrifies her.

“I got a lot of shit after Game of Thrones but people were also really nice. I’ve had people trying to figure out who I’m in a relationship with and all that shit,”she said.“I’ve just come off Facebook three days ago. But I’ll go to check it and be like, ‘f**king hell, I’m not on that anymore’, and thank god I’m not. It’s terrifying, social media, it terrifies me.”

Previously, actors Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) have also faced this kind of abuse from fans.

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