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Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju is unsure about Tormund surviving the attack on the Wall



Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ was a great end to a season which has set the pace for the end. At the end, we saw the Night King ride undead Viserion to the Wall, and blow a giant chunk of it to smithereens. As the wall collapsed, we saw Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion try and escape from death, but we didn’t actually see what happens to them. Kristofer Hivju, who plays the role of Tormund, recently discussed his character’s fate in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Read on!

Speaking of whether he knew what happened to Tormund, Kristofer said he didn’t know whether he would be in the next season. He said :

“I don’t know either! (Laughs.) Pretty scary, right?”

He went on to say :

“Realistically speaking, if you’re on top of an ice wall and it’s many hundreds of meters tall … I was a competitive climber when I was younger, and that fall, I must say, it doesn’t look good, man. (Laughs.) It really doesn’t look good. I saw an Instagram post somewhere of a guy shoveling through the snow and screaming, “Tormund! Tormund!” (Big laugh.)”


Well now we know Kristofer is looking at our memes! He discussed the possibility that the scene was his final one :

“If this is my way out … well, it’s the huge cliffhanger of the season. So, in that way, that people might have to wait two years to know whether he’s dead or alive? If I was [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss], and I wanted to kill Tormund and Beric off, I wouldn’t end the season with the death. I would end it with the cliffhanger. So, I understand that. But I wish he could have whispered something into one of those crows’ ears before it happened. But, you know, when the Wall is down, they won’t need the Night’s Watch or the Free Folk at the Wall anymore. It’s a hell of an ending.”

He was asked what Tormund thought when he saw undead Viserion spitting blue flames, to which he replied :

“If I can analyze that moment, it’s hopelessness in the highest degree. I don’t think Tormund, when he sees it, thinks that they’re going to have a chance at all. When Cersei pulls her army [from the agreement], they won’t have the numbers at all. It’s going to get interesting.”

Lastly, he talked about his time on the show, were Season 7 to be his last :

“It’s been life-changing in many ways. Of course, it has brought an extreme amount of attention. But for me personally, to have the possibility to play a character I love so much and have been able to explore and has gone in so many unexpected directions and has become a more and more three-dimensional figure, that has been a huge pleasure. To share so much fun with all of my colleagues has been a fantastic experience.”

“I have so many new good friends and so many fantastic experiences. It’s been such a bond to do this with so many actors who just enjoy the work. My main priority has never been the fame. It’s been the craft of acting. Many of the actors on Thrones have theater backgrounds, so they are all so good. It’s been fantastic to be part of it.”


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The interview has a lot of good bits, including a discussion about Tormund not believing in the concept of a king, but that if he ever had to pick one, he would pick Jon. Read the full interview, here. Do you think we’ll be seeing Tormund again? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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