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Game of Thrones actor Dean-Charles Chapman says he wants Cersei to die



Season 6 of Game of Thrones was often about utter chaos, and honestly, by the end of it, we lost count of the deaths. One of the last deaths was Tommen Baratheon‘s, the then king, who committed suicide, or as we say it, “pulled off a King’s Landing.”Dean-Charles Chapman, who portrayed Tommen Baratheon in the series, talked about Cersei, the throne, and more, in an interview with PopSugar. Read on!

When asked who he is rooting for to end up on the Iron Throne :

“Jon Snow, man. Jon Snow’s more exciting. He’s battling people all the time. Daenerys just seems to be sitting on a boat.”

About Tommen’s death, and whether he knew it was coming :

“No! So, as Tommen, I started in season four. And, even when I got the part, I knew I would play a character called Tommen, but I didn’t know I was going to be king. I didn’t get to look at the scripts. So, by the time of season six, I signed on like, “Yeah, let’s do it.” Got sent the episodes, along, along, along until episode 10 and it was like, “Yeah, mate. You’re dying.” I was like, “What?!” I couldn’t believe it. David [Benioff] and Dan [aka D.B. Weiss] rung me up, they’re the showrunners. It was sad! It was sad, but that’s just the story of the show.”

Talking about Cersei :

“Oh, I hope she dies. She killed me! She basically killed Tommen!

… I think she’s going to be insane.

She’s lost all her children, she hasn’t really got anyone there. She’s got Jaime, but he’s nutso as well. They’re all crazy. And I think now that she’s killed pretty much everyone in the whole show, there’s nothing stopping her, is there?

… She’s got to either kill more people, or she’s going to be killed.”

Talking about the weirdest fan theory he has ever heard :

“The craziest theory is that the White Walkers are really good. They’re really good guys. The whole thing is, the whole show you think the White Walkers are these zombies that are going to kill everyone, but really, the White Walkers are trying to stop all the politicians, and tell them to leave. They’re the good guys, trying to change the world, and it’s going to be this big plot twist. It was the weirdest thing.”

You can check out the full interview, here.

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