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Fans furious after Sean Bean gets killed off for the 25th time in his latest on-screen appearance




The cast of Game of Thrones included several really outstanding performers. Among the famous faces that featured in the fantasy epic was seasoned actor Sean Bean. In the first season, his character Ned Stark was a darling of the audience. He nevertheless had the same fate as Sean Bean’s characters, which are infamous for their inability to stay alive for long. Sean’s newest role once again saw him dying, and fans are furious about it.

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Sean Bean’s character dies in World of Fire

In the BBC drama World on Fire, the Lord of the Rings actor recently appeared as the pacifist Douglas Bennett. While in the first season, he avoided danger far from the front lines of World War II, season two got off to a rocky start on Sunday (16 July) when Bennett went AWOL and was murdered by a German bomb launched on Manchester.

Fans are furious about Sean Bean dying on-screen for the 25th time

Sean Bean is a seasoned veteran who has appeared in a number of big-budget and famous franchises, including The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Fans love him, that’s why they were extremely annoyed when he was killed off for the nth time, and expressed it on Twitter.

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