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Fan theory says Arya Stark is playing us, and it makes sense

Game of Thrones, as we all know, is a complex show. The show has spent years setting up characters, and Season 7 has made the fans question the character development of one particular character : Arya Stark. In the last episode, titled ‘Beyond the Wall’, we saw her almost threaten Sansa Stark, saying she would love to wear her face, and ever since the fans have been wondering as to why Arya would say such a thing, because it seemed quite unlike her. A new theory now says that Arya could have been playing us all along! Read on!

The theory, put forward by Redditor ScienceMuddafucka (aptly named), explains in detail how Arya has been playing the Game of Faces, all along. Check it out, in full :

The theory explains everything very well, and would fit in nicely to cover all the supposed plot holes that Arya’s character arc already has. It explains how Arya would never want to hurt Sansa, how she’s too good to let Littlefinger be one step ahead, and how Bran could have easily let her in on the secret he knows.

What do you think? It does seem to fit, and knowing Arya, if anybody could pull this sort of thing off, it’s her. Got any theories of your own? Talk to us in the comments, down below!