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Everything we know about the Taking of Stone Hedge from the Dance of the Dragons



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During the Dance of the Dragons, many battles took place. George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire and Blood describes these battles.

Future seasons of House of the Dragon will adapt these battle scenes for the screen. One of the battles that happened early on in the Dance of the Dragons was the taking of Stone Hedge. This article will cover everything we know about the Taking of Stone Hedge.

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Why did the Battle of Stone Hedge take place?


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The Taking of Stone Hedge ties into the age-old feud between House Bracken and House Blackwood. In A Song of Ice and Fire, these two Houses have been feuding for centuries.

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Blacks allied with House Blackwood. The Brackens declared for the Greens. The Blacks used Harrenhal as their base of operations, led by Daemon Targaryen.

Early on in the war, Lord Samwell Blackwood sent raiders to invade the Brackens’ territory. Ser Amos Bracken retaliated and marched his forces towards Blackwood lands. The two armies clashed at the Burning Mill.

The Blackwoods ambushed and defeated the Brackens. Ser Amos Bracken died during this conflict. Ser Raylon Rivers led the remaining survivors from the Green faction toward House Bracken’s territory.

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What happened during the Battle of Stone Hedge?

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Meanwhile, Prince Daemon led an attack on Stone Hedge, which was the seat of House Bracken in the Riverlands. He led a strong host of men from the Houses Darry, Frey, Piper, and Roote against Stone Hedge.

Since Ser Amos and Ser Raylon had taken most of the Bracken forces, the castle’s defences were low. The Blacks stormed the castle and took it with great ease.

They captured Lord Humfrey Bracken, his remaining children, his third wife, and their lowborn paramour. When Ser Raylon returned to Stone Hedge with the Green forces, he yielded to Prince Daemon.

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This ended the Green strength in the Riverlands. This battle was a great loss to King Aegon, as he realized for the first time that the Blacks had far more supporters than he had originally supposed.

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