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“Everyone’s entitled to an opinion” says Gwendoline Christie about Kit Harington's “Critics can go f**k themselves” comment

Game of Thrones has been surrounded by controversy this year, with Season 8 having received a lot of criticism. The show has been practically “review bombed” into the “rotten” category by angry fans who have a serious problem with the writing. One of the lead stars, Kit Harington has also said that the critics can “go f**k themselves.” Now, Gwendoline Christie, who played Brienne of Tarth, has commented on Kit’s comment. Read on!

In a recent interview, citing the work that went into making the show, Kit Harington had said that the critics of the show that don’t like it can “go f*** themselves”. Christie was recently asked about this comment in an interview with The Sunday Times. She responded with a laugh, saying:

“He’s funny. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion — people have been very invested.”

She also discussed Brienne’s story arc and character development:

“For that unconventional character, who never dared to hope for too much for herself, to end up with influence? It’s special. She will bring a great practicality to politics.”

With regards to Brienne’s ‘fling’ with Jaime Lannister, she also addressed that the ending wasn’t meant for everybody:

“But when people come out of a war, as Brienne had, their behaviour changes, and a strong idea of one’s mortality causes you to expose parts of yourself you had concealed. Not everyone is able to be strong all of the time, so we looked at the messiness of what it is to be human.”

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