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Emilia Clarke reveals only the men's costumes on Game of Thrones had cooling systems



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The skill of story-telling over screen requires not only direction, script and actors, but the artistic visualisation of the set to morph the viewer’s imagination. Game of Thrones created a completely different world with its scenery, CGI and creative costumes. Fans have always wondered how the costumes were made for the set. The picture became clearer, rather shockingly, when the lead actress disclosed a secret about them.

In a video alongside director Paul Feig, Emilia Clarke appeared for the Edinburgh International TV festival. They were talking about a number of topics, one of them being about the difficulty actors face in extreme temperatures. That’s when Emilia revealed that the women on the set of Game of Thrones had to drudge through the heat, while men had built in cooling systems in their costumes.

What the boys got, we could never do under my costume,” she explained. “The guys in the Night’s WatchJon Snow, who’s wearing a woolly mammoth all the time—we’ve got these huge costumes, you can hide whatever the hell you want underneath there, to be quite frank.”

She further described the cooling mechanism that was at work under the heavy costumes. Basically, a pump was attached under the costumes, which had it’s own little generator. The generator would then pump cold water through pipes, keeping them cool. “Girls weren’t allowed that,” Clarke added. “All I could get was the back of my wig was allowed to be lifted up every once in a while.”

Talking about difficulties, Emilia went on to share how difficult it was to learn all her lines in Dothraki. Sometimes it would become so difficult she would make up lines. How would you react to these situations? Tell us in the comments below!


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