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Emilia Clarke dyes her hair blonde for the first time for Game of Thrones season 8!



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Game of Thrones has a stellar list of characters, and stars that are brilliant enough in portraying them. Now, we know that a few of the actors adjust their looks to look like their onscreen versions, like Conleth Hill, who isn’t bald in real life his character, Lord Varys, and Rory McCann, who has a perfect face, unlike his character, The Hound. Now, we know that Emilia Clarke, who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen, is actually a brunette in real life, and doesn’t have the silver-blonde hair, unlike her character. However, Emilia has now dyed her hair blonde, for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Read on!

As we know, Emilia has been wearing a wig for her role as Daenerys, for over 7 years now, and now that the preparations for Season 8 begin, she has decided to dye it, for the last run. She announced the change on her Instagram account. Check out the post, below :

..and a little reminder of what her hair actually looks like :

So, it seems like we will be seeing a 100% authentic Targaryen, as Emilia plays Daenerys with her natural hair. Although we love Emilia’s brown locks, we have to admit, this is a nice way to end the show.

Moving on to more news from Game of Thrones season 8 filming, the good folks at Game of Thrones Tours have sent us few photos from the Wolf Hill Quarry. The location was used for filming the amazing battle with the White Walkers on the ice lake and according to them, the location is being cleaned right now and it will be used in Game of Thrones season 8 and the containers that we can see in the photos contain material that’s going to be used for the sets.

In the center of the picture we can see the spot from where Viserion was pulled out by the Wights.

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