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Ellie Kendrick (Meera Reed) wants to help young talent in the film industry



Game of Thrones has had some great actors depart the show, and go on to be highly successful, and it has had many others that have kept playing a part on the show and gained success out of it as well. One of the notable cast members is Ellie Kendrick, who plays the role of Meera Reed on Game of Thrones, and she is playing her part in helping new talent overcome the obstacles in achieving what they want, as the ambassador for Creative England‘s Shortflix scheme, which aims at helping young film-makers who aren’t in the formal system of filmmaking. She recently spoke to BBC about this. Read on!

Talking about how hard it is to make it in this industry, she said :

“I’ve worked in the film industry on and off for about half my life and I’ve noticed that the worlds that are represented on our screens by no means mirror the worlds that we see around us in our everyday lives.

Part of that is because it’s such a difficult industry to break into and often it requires huge financial support from parents or jobs. Or it requires contacts you’ve made in film school – which again costs a lot of money. So it’s a bit of a closed shop.”

The program will pick five applicants, and they will get funding to make a short film, and a chance to acquaint themselves with the industry. Ellie said :

“It’s a gateway to people who might not have the financial means or the industry contacts to break in to that industry.”

Moving on, she also talked about her Game of Thrones character, Meera Reed :

“I really like that she’s a character who defies convention in terms of traditional representations of femininity.We’re quite fixated at the moment with what we call strong female characters, but what I’d like to push for are complex female characters rather than ones who are just strong, and that’s their sole defining characteristic.

Not only is she strong – she’s also kind of vulnerable but she hides that vulnerability with the strength that she has to summon to survive.”

She continued :

“She’s undergone an incredibly traumatic series of events but she still manages to maintain a calmness and a kindness and a tenderness, which I think is really laudable. But also, you know, I get to wield an axe occasionally and kill some zombies. So, all in all, she’s a pretty well-rounded character.”

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