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Data shows that Cersei Lannister has got the biggest upgrade from book to screen



Game of Thrones has an impressive roster of characters, and we have George R. R. Martin to thank for that. George wrote some fantastic characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, and HBO did a wonderful job of adapting them for television. Now, as we know, an adaptation cannot be a hundred percent like the original, but HBO has managed to get it just right. The series has now surpassed the show, in terms of the storyline, and moving even further away. A new report about a detailed study of Game of Thrones now shows how Cersei Lannister is the character that got the biggest upgrade in this adaptation from the books. Read on!

A new report byLooker, a data analytics company, broke down the characters and arranged them by the number of episodes they have been in, as well as the screentime they have had. Going by the a screentime of almost 300 minutes, and 54 episodes, Tyrion Lannister is shown to be the most prominent character. It makes sense, too, considering he is a part of about almost every major storyline in the show, one way or another. The curious thing in the screentime arrangement is the top three characters. Followed by Tyrion, are Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen. What are the odds that this is a hint at Tyrion being a Targaryen? The three dragons being the most seen characters on the show would make sense.

Moving further, the fourth most seen character, is Cersei Lannister, with about 200 minutes of on-screen time. This is a major upgrade because there are quite a few characters who get more attention in the books, than Cersei does, including her dead husband Robert Baratheon, her father Tywin Lannister, and her twin/lover, Jaime Lannister. That’s not it. When you take a look at the prominence by episode count, Cersei shoots up to number two, with 52 episodes.

The report also analysed a few other things, mostly to do with character deaths, so if you’re interested, check out the full report. Note that the title reads as part – I, so we’re expecting more parts to come out with more insights.

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