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Daniel Portman talks about the reason why his character has survived so far in the series



Game of Thrones has a lot of characters, but only a few have survived the show. One such character is Podrick Payne, played by Daniel Portman. As the show draws to a close, Podrick isn’t the most important of characters, but many of us are still curious about his fate. Portman recently discussed Game of Thrones, and how his character has survived. Read on!

a recent interview with Coup de Main, Portman was asked about Season 8 first, and he said he couldn’t say much about it:

“I’m not allowed to talk about anything to do with anything, I’m sorry! Everything is very tight-lipped with security, so I’m not allowed to say anything about anything to do with the show.”

Moving on, he spoke about his father and him, both working on Game of Thrones. His father is Ron Donachie, who played Rodrik Cassel:

“I mean, it’s very nice to cross paths. We didn’t work with each other on the show, but it was nice to cross paths. It was a nice experience for us both. He was on it from the pilot, so we’ve been on it for quite a while between the two of us, so it’s nice to share that with my old man.”

In another interview with The New Zealand Herald, Portman said that he didn’t expect Podrick to last this long, and that his ‘everyman quality’ was responsible for his survival:

“In a show where it can be quite intense and traumatic viewing, a little bit of light relief was always going to do well with the audience.

I think that’s one of the reasons people have clung on to Pod, because there’s a degree of innocence involved and a sweetness and this naivety [to him].”

He also spoke about Game of Thrones ending, and how the whole experience has been, for him:

“It’s nice to be in the position where you’ve been working with people for several year. The whole experience is surreal and life changing, and we’ve all been part of this journey.

That is one of the loveliest things about it, I’ve made a lot of lovely and good friends through the show.”

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Well, we hope Podrick has a happy ending. What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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