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Composer Ramin Djawadi talks about the fan theory about the Arya chant in “Light of the Seven” song



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Game of Thrones has been maintained the quality of production in every aspect, with music being one of the best. As some of you might already be knowing the guy responsible for the amazing score for Game of Thrones,composerRamin Djawadi. We had previously reported about Djawadi’s Game of Thrones music tour. In an interview withHuffington Post, recently, Djawadi talked about the tour, and more. Read on!

One of the favorites from Season 6, was “Light of the Seven“, from the episode titled “The Winds of Winter.” The track will feature on the tour. Talking about it, Djawadi said :

“I will be on that part of the stage on the piano or organ playing the piece. There certainly will be visuals from the moment of the show and we’ll have lighting effects giving the wildfire. That’s a great representation of what we’re trying to create in real life.”

There is a fan theory which says that the song has a chant of “Arya” in it, speculating as to what it could mean.When asked about this, Djawadi said :

“That’s the first time I heard that actually. I was not aware of that.

Sometimes I have these Valyrian-inspired lyrics. Actually, they’re just saying, ‘Ah ya.’ That’s actually not really a lyric. ‘Ah, ya, y, ya, ya.’ That’s all it is.”

He went on to say :

“I should’ve lied and said, ‘Yes, they’re saying Arya.’ I should use that actually. I didn’t think of that.”

Talking about the concert, and its logistics, Ramin said :

“We’re going to be playing music and taking the audience from Season 1 to Season 6 in a very quick way because we realized there’s so much content. When we started gathering music, it was a six-hour concert, so we had to condense it somehow,” he explained. “We’re trying in a clever way with montages and taking key scenes and key moments, so it really takes you through all the six seasons.”

He says that he hasn’t seen anything of Season 7 and doesn’t know how the story will break. When asked about how he takes on different characters meeting, he said :

“It’s a tricky one because it happens a lot that these characters cross and families cross and meet and interact, so we really kind of step into the back and go, ‘Whose story is it right now? Which story do we want to support? Do the Lannisters have the upper hand right now over the Starks? Could this be foreshadowing something later to come?’ If you look at it that way, that usually helps with the decision of what theme we usually play.”

Lastly, talking about whether Lady Mormont, the badass, will get her own theme, he said :

“If we see more of her character, it’d be great to give her her own theme. I really see that actually, giving her something powerful. She was a great character last season.”

Now wouldn’t you love to see that?

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What do you think about Ramin’s take on things? Do you think he will need to compose a new theme in Season 7 for the two major characters we want to see meeting each other? Talk to us in the comments, below!

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