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Cleganebowl was choreographed by the Night King actor Vladimir Furdik



Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, the feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Season 8, revealed many surprising things. One of them is the fact that the breathtaking “Cleganebowl” sequence in Season 8 Episode 5 ‘The Bells’ was choreographed by Vladimir Furdik, the actor and stunt choreographer who played Night King.

Hailing from Slovakia, Furdik joined the Game of Thrones team as one of the principal stunt choreographers. The first time he assumed the part of the Night King, leader and maker of the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead was in Season 6. He donned the signature prosthetic layers of the Night King one last time for Episode 3 ‘The Long Night’.

But for the rest of the season, he was busy supervising other action sequences as a stunt coordinator, among them the epic final fight between the two Clegane brothers, Sandor and Gregor.

The Cleganebowl is one of the oldest and most hyped theories in the Game of Thrones fandom that finally came to pass in the show’s penultimate episode. The rivalry between the two brother Mountain and Hound had been legendary, and their final fight was given an appropriately epic treatment.

Two evenly-matched opponents fighting to the death in a crumbling Red Keep staircase as Dragonfire rains from the sky – it sure was a gigantic operation to handle, which, by the results, Furdik accomplished very well.

Also, there is something poetic about the God of Death himself crafting the scene where Gregor and Sandor Clegane fulfilled their destinies in death. What was your reaction to the Cleganebowl scene? Tell us in the comments!

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