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Check out the original story boards for two Game of Thrones Season 7 scenes



Game of Thrones Season 7 is two episodes in already, and we’re waiting for the third one to drop. Now, as you might already be knowing, HBO has been giving us behind the scenes peeks at the production of Game of Thrones, through its little project called Making Game of Thrones. Through the same, HBO has revealed the original storyboards for two scenes, one from the premiere episode, Dragonstone, and one from the second episode, Stormborn. Read on!

Now, the first one is the scene from Dragonstone, in which Bran Stark arrives at Castle Black with Meera Reed. The original storyboard seems to have a small difference as compared to what we saw on the show. Take a look at the storyboards, below :

In the episode, we saw Edd look north before going back to Castle Black, but he didn’t duck under the gate as it closes, as the storyboard says he does. We’re guessing that bit was changed so as to avoid the misconception that the White Walkers are really close to the castle.

The second one shows a scene from Stormborn, which showed Cersei Lannister and Qyburn taking a trip below the Red Keep. Take a look at the original storyboards, below :

There’s not much of a difference here, just more dialogue was show in the actual scene, and Cersei wasn’t shown aiming at the head, she just pulled the lever.

In addition to these two, the official Instagram account of Game of Thrones also posted a mini storyboard of Daenerys Targaryen and her buddies arriving at Dragonstone, which is not only one of the highlights of the Season 7 premiere, but also the show, on the whole. Check it below :

We’re sure HBO will update us with more of these as the season progresses. In the meantime, tell us which other scenes you would like to see the original storyboards of, in the comments, down below!

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