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Check out the new Arya Stark action figure from ThreeZero



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Game of Thrones merch is no new thing. Like all successful franchises, HBO has licenced out Game of Thrones merch, and it has brought us some wonderful stuff over the years. The latest one is quite a realistic looking action figure, modeled after Arya Stark, by ThreeZero. Read on!

Now, ThreeZero has quite a few products in its Game of Thrones line-up, and the latest one is just as good. The Arya Stark figurine is made at 1/6 scale, and stands at 10โ€ณ. The figure is priced at a decent $178, and is available for pre-order, here, with delivery expected in the third quarter of 2018. Even though it arrives this late, the figure doesnโ€™t represent the Season 7 Arya, but rather the Season 4 version that traveled with the Hound. Check out the picture below:

ThreeZero also listed the accesories the figure will ship with, which are as below:


Tunic with hand-knitted patternShirtTrousersBelt with buckle



NeedleKnifeWaterskinCoin pouch with coins

Braavosi Coin

Exchangeable hands:

1 pair relaxed1 pair fistsLeft hand for gripping Needle and knife

Special pose of left hand for gripping Needle

In case youโ€™re looking to fill your collection before this one arrives, ThreeZero has eight other figured in its Game of Thrones range. Daenerys Targaryen with her baby Dragons for $180, and without, for $168. Jon Snow and Ghost for $160, Tyrion Lannister for $130, double handed Kingsguard Jaime Lannister for $190, Ned Stark and Ice for $160, and two variants of The Hound, with a deluxe variant at $210 complete with his signature helmet, and a normal variant without the helmet for $195.

So, are you gonna buy any of these? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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