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Bronn made a new deal in Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4



Bronn has been a fan favourite since the time he saved Tyrion at the Eyrie. At the beginning of this season, Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn of the Blackwater had said that the audience might love him less this season. All of us took deep breaths when we sort of realised what it could be. When Qyburn handed over the crossbow to Bronn saying the Queen would want one of her brothers dead if they come victorious from the war against dead, we all got a hint that probably this is going to be why we would hate him. Apparently Bronn had other plans.

This episode we saw Bronn finally coming face to face with the two brothers after a long time. Bronn came in with the crossbow and a threat. A blackmail. A deal of sorts. He came in telling the two brothers of how Cersei wanted both of them dead but if the war is won by the Dragon Queen, Cersei won’t be able fulfil the promise anyway. And hence, he came in to strike a better deal like the cutthroat he is. Almost breaking Tyrion’s nose when he simply would not shut up, he decided to remind him about his word long forgotten.

“Remember whatever the price, I will beat it. I like living.”

What’s bigger than Riverrun? Highgarden. The threatening, menacing way in which he displayed his willingness to use the crossbow against Jaime, was enough to bring Jaime and Tyrion to the conclusion that they will probably have to let Highgarden go to Bronn.

It is important to understand that for now, Bronn hasn’t killed either of the brothers because he thinks Dany has her dragons and it would be tough to beat her. But considering how this episode has taken Cersei’s arc one notch higher, we now need to wait and see if he stands by it or changes his course midway when he sees Cersei getting the upper hand.

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