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Bella Ramsey avoided interviews post Game of Thrones fame: “It was so terrifying!”



bella ramsey lyanna mormont

Bella Ramsey, who portrayed the courageous and impressionable Lyanna Mormont on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, won over millions of fans’ hearts despite making a fleeting cameo. They are grateful for the chance to play yet another exciting role in the HBO video game version of The Last of Us. The sudden fame after their role in Game of Thrones initially scared them, but they eventually got used to it.

Bella Ramsey on handling Game of Thrones’ fame

Ramsey, in a recent interview with LADbible, recalled their journey so far in the acting industry, “I actually think that my journey through the industry has been done in a way that I’m really pleased about. Like, I think we chose the right route in terms of when Game of Thrones, everything started coming out.

We chose the route of doing absolutely nothing, do like no interviews, give no personal information, just like it was so terrifying. While my parents were so terrified that we just sort of kept everything very private, barely did any interviews, like three phone call interviews.”


Bella Ramsey is proud of their Hollywood journey so far

Ramsey also talked about how proud they are of their career so far, including The Last of Us, “And I’m really proud of that. And I’m really glad that I was up until The Last of Us, like I was fairly anonymous, even though I’ve done like, other work. That was pretty lovely. So I think that I’m pretty pleased with how it’s gone.

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And then even since The Last Of Us, the internet knows nothing about my family or my home life or my personal life really at all, which is good. And I want to protect that.”

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