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An analysis of the latest Game of Thrones season 8 photos



Game of Thrones will be upon us soon – in around two weeks from now. The cravings won’t stop until April 14 yet hype train must be on the track. This is why new promotional photos from the new season of Game of Thrones were dropped recently.

But, if you are a nerd like me who is overly obsessed with Game of Thrones even some easter eggs and clues for the new season can be found in these mere promo photos. So, in this post, we will discuss and analyse the new promotional photos from Game of Thrones. Let’s dive in.

#1. Courtyard of Winterfell

The first thing that comes to mind thinking about the new season – especially the opening scene – is that it will be reminiscent of Robert Baratheon’s arrival to Winterfell in Season 1. We watch as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen make their way to Winterfell via Winter Town, surrounded by Unsullied and Dothraki. While this might have been already teased in the official trailer, some new promo photos provide more validity and answer to our many queries.

Starting off with Jon and Daenerys, they are on horsebacks as were seen in the official trailer.

Next, we move on to Jorah Mormont who was earlier seen in a tease by HBO escorting Dany to meet Sansa Stark and others. He is in the same attire as in the tease – some dark furs over his Mormont armour. Can we still figure out when or how he gets a new Valyrian Steel sword from Sam? But, his meeting with Sam is an obvious thing.

Lastly, in the Winterfell courtyard, we can see Sansa Stark who is ready to welcome Jon and Dany but there’re some interesting details in the background here.

Along with Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne standing in the background, to the left of Sansa, you can see Bran Stark on his wheelchair and behind him is Maester Volkan in his black robe. This answers many questions especially for those who had been wondering where were the rest of the Stark. And, here’s the full image of Bran Stark on his wheelchair in the courtyard, most probably looking at the Dragons:

And, where’s Arya whom we saw staring at Daenerys, her armies and her dragons in awe? She’s probably standing to the right of Sansa or maybe still in Wintertown.

There’s an image of Brienne of Tarth again in Winterfell courtyard yet this seems to be from a different scene from episode 1 or an early episode as her cloak is gone from this photo.

Nothing much to see here except Cersei Lannister standing at King’s Landing docks with her Queen’s Guard and Mountain waiting for someone to arrive. I’m sure she is waiting for Euron Greyjoy’s fleet as he brings Golden Company and Harry Strickland to meet her.

The still seems to match with that of the official trailer where stood at King’s Landing docks with Qyburn. Yet, nothing much of Cersei in these promo photos!

#3. Winterfell Interiors / Great Hall of Winterfell

Dany and Jorah stand inside Winterfell Fortress. Two things to note here: one being Jorah and his Khaleesi’s same attires as the arrival/opening scene. This means that this will be one of the early scenes from episode 1. And, two the background – books, scrolls, and candles which means they are either they are inside Bran’s room or Sam’s room. (Jaw Drop!) Did Dany just come to Sam’s room to apologise to him for the barbeques she made of his father and brother? Numerous guesses and bets to be placed here.

Dany again, this time in the Great Hall of Winterfell as she speaks to Lords of the North – trying to convince them that she’s here to help. This is what I think might be happening in this scene.

Sansa – this time sitting among the Lords of Winterfell and enjoying some cuisine. Maybe this is a scene from a feast at Winterfell or as she’s sitting with Jon, Dany and others at the dinner table, which might be a callback to the first episode of season 1.

Next is Tyrion at the same location but the amount of light and brightness in this still makes me think this is him talking to someone important like Varys or Sansa in an earlier scene.

Well, there’s another still of Brienne. She seems to be quietly listening to some serious conversation going down at Winterfell.

Up next, Daenerys Targaryen again as she stands in one of the earlier scenes where she’s either talking to Lords of the North or maybe only Sansa, Jon and others.

And, the last image of Dany is her sharing a smile with someone like Jon or Tyrion, sitting over the dinner table. This makes me believe we are up for both – Dany’s formal meeting with the Northern lords and then, a feast with the Starks.

This brings us to the final two images which feel like kind of connected or maybe it’s just my mere wishful thinking. First one is of Bran Stark who’s in his room sitting near the fireplace and looking at someone like Jon or Sam.

Some vibes of him revealing some unknown facts to Jon too seems to fit perfectly with the kind of expressions on Bran’s face. And, in the next image Jon too seems a bit off mood, maybe because of the same reason.

Whatever be the scenario, Jon doesn’t seem to be much glad here especially if it’s him realising he had some nice time with his aunt on the way back to Winterfell. Anyways, the new season will unfold these facts and the days to April 14 seem to be on the horizon.

What do you think? What were your most weird thoughts upon seeing these new promo photos? Tell us in the comments below.

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