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Abigail Thorn joins the cast of House of the Dragon for Season 2 as Sharako Lohar

The powerful and influential Triarch from the Free City of Volantis, Sharako Lohar is played by Abigail Thorn in the upcoming season of House of the Dragon.



Abigail Thorn in Philosophy Tube
Credits: Abigail Thorn

The highly anticipated second season of HBO’s House of the Dragon introduces a fascinating new character, Sharako Lohar.  The talented Abigail Thorn portrays Lohar in the upcoming season. Best known for her insightful and thought-provoking content on her YouTube channel Philosophy Tube, Thorn’s transition to the realm of Westeros marks an exciting expansion of her acting career. Sharako Lohar is a powerful and influential Triarch from the Free City of Volantis. By portraying this character, she promises to bring new layers of complexity and excitement to the Targaryen saga. Read on to understand how Thorn’s character will impact the civil war of the Targaryens.

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Abigail Thorn plays Sharako Lohar

In Martin’s Fire & Blood, Sharako Lohar plays a pivotal role in the Targaryen civil war, commanding a fleet of ninety Myrish, Lysene, and Tyroshi warships under the banners of the Three Daughters, allied with King Aegon II Targaryen. Tasked with breaking the blacks’ blockade of the Gullet, Lohar led his fleet into a bloody battle, emerging victorious but with only twenty-eight ships surviving.

According to the book, Sharako Lohar is male. Despite that, the showrunners reimagined the character as female. This gender swap opens fresh narrative possibilities and adds depth to the series’ exploration of power dynamics. A female Triarch in Volantis, a city with its distinct and patriarchal political structure, could introduce unique challenges and perspectives. This could provide an enriching storyline with themes of gender and authority.

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This casting decision aligns with the show’s broader commitment to diversity and detailed storytelling culture. Abigail Thorn’s strong presence and acting prowess shine through her performances in Star Wars, Baldur’s Gate 3, and The Prince. Thus, Sharako Lohar’s character is bound to be a memorable addition to House of the Dragon.

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