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A long lost character finally returned in the latest Game of Thrones episode, Eastwatch



game-of-thrones-logo-e1463348181881-5091807 August 14th, 9:09am August 14th, 9:09am Rahul JadhavFounder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.

The latest Game of Thrones episode, Eastwatch gave us some big surprises as we got to see a number of reunions and it was wonderful to see Littlefinger doing what he’s good at doing. The episode was really interesting for another reason, as we finally got to see Gendry after so many years.

Gendry was last seen in the 3rd season when Ser Davos helped him escape from Dragonstone in a boat and since then Gendry has been missing from the show and the fans haven’t left a chance to joke about his disappearance. In fact, the jokes had become so popular, even Joe Dempsie, the actor who plays the role of Gendry joked about it.

There might be some people who have forgotten about Gendry’s story so far in the series. Gendry is Robert Baratheon’s bastard and he was working as apprentice blacksmith under Tobho Mott, who is a Qohorik master armorer and one of the few people who know how to work on Valyrian Steel and that’s why Mott was asked by Tywin Lannister to melt Ned Stark’s Valyrian steel sword, Ice and forge it into two swords.

As a result, Gendry got to learn a lot from him and that proved useful for him, as we saw in the latest episode that he has forged a badass Warhammer for himself, just like the one his father, Robert liked to use.

While investigating the death of Jon Arryn, Ned Stark stumbled upon Gendry and realized that he was Robert’s bastard. Once Robert Baratheon died, Mott made Gendry leave his shop and he joined the recruits for the Night’s Watch, where he met Arya Stark, who was travelling as a boy named Arry.  Both of them became friends and Gendry realized that there was something fishy about Arry and he came to know that she was Arya Stark. They were later captured and taken to Harrenhal, where Arya met Jaqen, who helped her escape from the castle.

After their escape from Harrenhal, Gendry, Arya and Hot Pie were captured by the Brotherhood without Banners. Gendry was later handed over by the Brotherhood to Melisandre, who took him to Dragonstone, where his blood was used to perform a ritual to kill all of Stannis’ enemies in the War of Five Kings. Davos then helped him escape and after that we finally got to see Gendry in the latest episode.

In the latest episode, Ser Davos was given the task of smuggling Tyrion Lannister safely to King’s Landing, so that he could meet Jaime Lannister and once they landed in King’s Landing, Davos left the boat to visit Flea Bottom, where he searched for Gendry and finally managed to find him. Gendry readily agreed to join Ser Davos the moment he was given an opportunity and we got to see his weapon of choice, the Warhammer and he gave us a display of its effectiveness by smashing to death two men of the City Watch without even breaking a sweat.

Gendry showed us that he was ready to make a difference and he immediately introduced himself to Jon Snow as Robert Baratheon’s bastard son and they had an animated discussion, talking about meeting each other’s father and we also to got to see them poking fun at each other.

Gendry showed his eagerness to fight against the White Walkers and also suggested that he could help Jon in many ways and thus he booked a ticket to the Wall, where he happened to meet the Brotherhood without Banners and he wasn’t happy to meet them and he let his displeasure known but everyone finally set aside their differences and started their journey beyond the Wall.

The next episode, which is also the penultimate episode of the season will be an epic episode as we will get to see Jon and friends fighting against the White Walkers.

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Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.