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A Game of Thrones fan might have figured out the Night King’s purpose



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Game of Thrones is a show that delves into how selfish humans can be, and the show has shown humans fighting each other in a setting that is at times, anarchic. In the midst of all this, is the Night King, who is raising the Army of the Dead, trying to turn as many humans over as he can, and that has us all wondering, what does he want?

Surely, somebody putting up this level of effort into his plans must have a purpose? A Game of Thrones fan might have just cracked the riddle. Read on!

The theory came from a Redditor, twerkmileyyy, and it assumes that Bran Stark is the Night King, to begin with. The Redditor argues that The Night King is headed towards God’s Eye, which is a giant lake which has The Isle of Faces. It’s the place where the first men of Westeros and the Children of the Forest made peace. Read the full theory, below :

I predict the Night King is going directly to the Gods Eye. Maybe he has been trying to reach the Gods Eye for centuries and man has always denied this passage. Therefore he has the mentality of removing all obstacles in his way.

The Isle of Faces, in the middle of the Gods Eye, is where the pact between man and the COTF happened. The rich history of the COTF can be found here. Leaf was also present during this pact and the moment Bran reached the cave. That means they potentially have eternal life?

Either way them and the Night King live ridiculously long lives. There is something magical there that he has seen in his greensight visions. I know he has greensight because he can see Bran during his greensight and Worging abilities.

Ultimately I think his end goal is to reach the Isles of Faces and use its magical properties to give life to his undead army. Eastwatch by the Sea is the closest part of the wall to the Gods Eye.

Harrenhall is on the northern shore of the Gods Eye. The writers have dropped hints about the Gods Eye for years and have always discussed the Riverlands with great detail. Also I think this is where Howland Reed makes his appearance in the show. He was the only cited character to be seen on the Isle of Faces, during the tournament of Harrenhall.

It does make a lot of sense. Eastwatch is the closest way to the God’s Eye, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the final battle, as the theory says, will take place there. Could Bran have really pulled this off?

We’re quite excited to see how this theory develops. What do you think? Could this be it? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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