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A dad throws an amazing Game of Thrones themed birthday party for his daughter



July 14th, 12:50am July 14th, 1:07am Rahul JadhavFounder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.

Once in a while we come across Game of Thrones fans who take their love for the show/books to the next level and in that process create something that’s really wonderful. Wiki of Thrones has come across an amazing dad who who left no stone unturned to give his daughter a memorable birthday party.

Katie Lawrence is the lucky girl we are talking about, as her father threw a beautifully planned Game of Thrones themed birthday party for her. The party organized by Paul Lawrence included everything that you would expect from a Game of Thrones themed birthday party. Iron Throne, banners of different houses, food from Westeros and Essos, which included the dangerous Wildfire jello and lot of other things. The party even had a Hall of Faces! To make things better, the birthday girl was looking like Daenerys with her matching hair colour.

Game of Thrones is an amazing show but it is filled with violence, sex and is meant for adults. However, Paul told us that the party was appropriate for people of all age groups. Though the birthday girl is not yet an adult, Paul assured us that he personally makes sure that she does not see any adult content while watching the show.

Speaking to Wiki of Thrones, Paul shared how he got the idea to throw a Game of Thrones theme birthday party. “Because I’m a single dad, funds are always tight, so I can’t just take my kids on vacation. We really wanna fly to Europe and see the sets and locations where Game of Thrones has been filmed, but for now, I did my best to just bring the sets to her.” Paul further shared that he had a tough childhood and that’s why he makes sure that his children have a father that he never had. Looking at the efforts that he has taken to make his daughter happy, we have no doubt that Paul is one amazing father.

We really liked the Iron Throne that Paul had prepared just for the birthday and were curious to know how he created it. Turns out, he collected cardboard boxes which were sourced from several stores and then cut them into dozens of strips, which then were glued to a plastic patio chair.

Talking about the entire process Paul said, “I used old door knobs found at a flea market for sword butts used on the chair handles, and foam for sword handles. All hot glued together. Two thick coats of black spray paint, and followed by several metal shades next including silver, dark silver and bronze. Lots of it was dry brushed on for detail. The final step was to cover it all with a clear coat to keep the paint on the chair after people sit on it.

Naturally, the Iron Throne was a huge hit and everyone wanted to sit on it and get their pictures clicked. Everyone loved the way Paul organized the birthday and when he shared the photos online, he received messages from people all over the world, sending Happy Birthday wishes to Katie. Paul added, “Katie, who doesn’t really have a lot of friends, had hundreds of people all over saying happy birthday to her. I would read the comment to her, along with their name and country they’re from. She absolutely loved that. It was so cool.

When we asked Paul, about what the birthday girl asked for her birthday, here’s what he had to say. “When I asked Katie what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to go to Westeros. She wanted to meet Daenerys.” We wish Katie gets a chance to meet Emilia Clarke very soon.

The birthday party was elaborately planned and he even made sure that the invitations for the party had a Game of Thrones-esque touch to it.

The Game of Thrones themed party didn’t just end with the decorations. Paul also made sure that even the food from Westeros and Essos was available at the party. Take a look at some of the photos from the birthday below.

What do you think about this Game of Thrones themed birthday party that Paul had thrown for his daughter? Do let us know in the comments below. You can also share your Game of Thrones themed birthday party pictures with us in the comments.

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Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.