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7 unanswered questions from the new House of The Dragon teaser trailer




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon dropped its newest teaser trailer recently, and let’s be honest, it looks awesome. The trailer gives a small glimpse at what is to come in Season 1 of House of The Dragon, and there are a lot of questions that are burning at the back of our heads. These questions will be answered eventually when the show arrives in August. In the meantime, let us talk about some of these questions that were left unanswered in the teaser trailer.


Why was there a Maester with Otto Hightower when confronting Daemon Targaryen?


Those who’ve read Fire & Blood already know Daemon and Otto don’t really see eye to eye. The scene depicted in the clip shows Daemon with a dragon egg, followed by Mysaria and his men. He is confronted by Otto, the Kingsguard and a Maester, probably on behalf of King Viserys who didn’t want Daemon to give a dragon egg to his young mistress. However, the presence of a Maester doesn’t add up in this situation, especially where there is a possibility of a fight breaking out.


Dragon flying over King’s Landing: Sunfyre?

In the very first shot that involves a dragon, we see a medium-sized dragon flying over King’s Landing. Slowing down the clip just a bit shows the colour of its scales, which glow golden yellow in the sunlight. Is that Sunfyre with Aegon II on its back?


Who are the figures walking away from Rhaenyra at the Dragonstone table?

In a clip that was teased by HBO just before breaking out the teaser trailer, we see a seemingly tensed Rhaenyra deep in thoughts at a familiar-looking table at Dragonstone, and four people walking away from her, one of which seems to be her aunt Rhaenys Targaryen. The other 3 have dark hair, and from the leaks that we’ve seen from filming sites, we know Rhaenyra’s children have dark hair. Are these 3 her teenage sons? Or someone else?


What is in the box being presented at Harrenhal?

There is a shot with a special focus on a mysterious box being carried in the halls of Harrenhal. Judging by the looks of it, the contents of the box must be really special. What is in the box? Dragon eggs? Severed heads of enemies? A highly awaited copy of Winds of Winter?


Who is in the sarcophagus at the funeral ceremony at Driftmark?

In one of the moving scenes, we see a sarcophagus being lowered into the waters as part of the Velaryon funeral ceremony. There is no indication of whose body is there in the stone coffin, but we do see an angry Rhaenyra and a somewhat guilty-looking Alicent at the end of that scene.


Who is being thrown down to the ground by the Kingsguard?

There is a very short sequence where we see someone being dragged and thrown to the ground by the Kingsguard. Who is he? Judging by his hair, it looks like he’s either a Velaryon or Targaryen, but his face is not very clear to know for sure.


Daemon meets Caraxes?

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At the end of the teaser trailer, we see Daemon inspecting the floor of a cave that is soaked in blood. Then we see a dragon breathing fire and roaring at him. Is that Caraxes? The dim light from Daemon’s torch makes it difficult to make out the colour of its scales, but if we pause the scene and look at its wing, we see a reddish hue.

Do you have your own theories about the teaser? Talk to us in the comments below!


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