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Watch Game of Thrones stars Jacob Anderson and Aidan Gillen shine in music videos



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They say if you have the talent make the most of it. Well, some of our favorite actors from Game of Thrones are a talented bunch and they are making the most of it. Did you know Jacob Anderson is also known as Raleigh Ritchie? Also, did you know that Aidan Gillen has been part of a music video? Truth is stranger than fiction my dear friends, so read on to find out more!

As per NME, Anderson a.k.a Grey Worm of Thrones has released a new song called Aristocrats and also gave out the details of his next album Andy. What’s interesting is Anderson has been making music under his monicker, Raleigh Ritchie, and is slowly but surely climbing up the charts. Check out his latest song!

Anderson has been garnering a lot of views for his videos as well, one of his songs has so far fetched 8.4 million views! Check out the video!

Speaking about his latest album, Anderson said:

“Andy’ is a little wink to myself. It’s saying, ‘This is you speaking right now, this is you saying what you have to say.”

He also mentioned that through this song he was trying to explore Britain’s history in his own way. He said:

“British history is complicated, especially as a POC. [H]istory is everything, it’s what we learn from to help us build our future. In school, I didn’t learn much about British history aside from the country’s victories and a version of some of its atrocities. Sometimes it’s a confusing place, and although I love my country, I don’t always feel loved by it.”

Well, we found ‘Ritchie’ really talented and wish him a lot of success with his next outing. Speaking of, remember our tricky ‘Littlefinger’ of Thrones. Well, the amazingly talented Aidan Gillen too has taken part in a music video and it has left us rather inquisitive.

As per Evening Express, Gillen stars in a new music video of Irish post-punk band Fontaines DC. Gillen has been a huge fan of their work and so it must have been great to be part of their new video. Quite curiously, Gillen plays the character of a host in the video and we leave it up to you to decide if he succeeded in the new avatar. Check out the video!

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Phew! That was interesting, wasn’t it? Who knew all these fabulous actors had so many shades within them? We hope you liked the videos and let’s continue to support them in these turbulent times. We all need something to cling on to don’t we?

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